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owner embracing dog

Learning Objectives
Students will locate details about dog body language in texts with partners and in small groups.

ELL Level

Materials Needed
Optional: Canine Ambassador brings dog to demonstrate different behaviors/body language.
Copies of the article “Safety Around Dogs: National Bite Prevention Week” found at, or computers to access the article online.
Copies of How to Read Your Dog worksheet, one for each student or partner pair.

• Review emotion words like happy, scared, anxious, excited, calm, angry
• With a partner, students make a face to show one of these emotions, and the partner guesses the descriptive word. Repeat, taking turns.

Explicit Instruction/Teacher Modeling
• Pass out the “Safety Around Dogs” article, or have students access it online.
• Depending on students’ level, either have students read it with their partners/small groups, or independently, or the teacher reads aloud, pausing for comprehension check ins.
• Optional: The Canine Ambassador can have their dog display calm, happy behavior, pointing out the dog’s tail, ears, and mouth when they are displaying these emotions.

Independent Working Time
• Instruct students to complete the sheet, either independently or with partner/small group.

Review and Closing
• Review the answers with students.

Safety Around Dogs: National Bite Prevention Week. (n.d.). Retrieved from

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