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Becoming a Canine Ambassador

Becoming a Canine Ambassador


Canine Ambassadors contribute to their clubs’ public education efforts by making presentations to groups of children in classrooms or other venues. Often Ambassadors bring their AKC-registered, PAL or AKC Canine Partner dog to the presentation.

Once you decide you want to become a Canine Ambassador, complete the online signup form, and ask a club officer to email their recommendation to Canine Ambassadors must be members in good standing of an AKC-affiliated club. As a Canine Ambassador, you represent your club; you are not a direct representative of the AKC.

We will add your name to a state-by-state directory of Ambassadors and send you tips on how to get started.

The AKC Canine Ambassador directories can help you establish contact with people interested in the program.

“If I can help educate children and make them comfortable around dogs, it’s worth the time spent and even better when they want to learn to handle and train dogs.”
— Amy Rogers, English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association