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Mississippi Passes CGC Resolution

(Thursday, May 11, 2006)
Mississippi joined the states who have AKC Canine Good Citizen® resolutions by passing Senate Concurrent Resolution 560, a resolution endorsing the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program and supporting its effort to promote responsible dog ownership in the state of Mississippi.

The CGC resolution was sponsored by Senator Perry Lee and AKC CGC Evaluator Suzanne Sims Vening worked with Senator Lee's office on the resolution.

"Mississippi's CGC resolution is somewhat unique in that it specifically addresses the importance of well-behaved dogs in emergencies and times of disaster," said CGC Director Mary Burch. "One of the most important parts of the AKC CGC Program is the Responsible Dog Owners Pledge in which we stress the need for dogs to have identification. Senator Lee recognized that things would have been a whole lot different for so many families and their beloved pets during Hurricane Katrina if the dogs had all been microchipped, tattooed, or were wearing a collar with identification."

Mississippi's CGC resolution has a clause that reads, "...and WHEREAS, there is critical need during disasters and emergencies for pets to have identification and be well-behaved and manageable..."

"The American Kennel Club applauds Senator Lee for thinking about dogs and their owners," said AKC Vice President of Communications Noreen Baxter. "We are extremely pleased that Senator Lee recognized the relationship between responsible dog ownership and how CGC is an important concept when we talk about managing our pets in times of disasters."

(L-R) Susan Smith Patterson, Bunny Finch, Suzanne Vening and Senator Perry Lee at the signing of Mississippi's AKC Canine Good Citizen resolution.