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David Woo/American Kennel Club

Who says winter weekends have to be boring? Mark your calendars for Jan. 25 and Jan. 26, 2020 when more than 100 dog breeds will fill the Javits Center in New York City. Even better — they are all there for you to pet!

The annual AKC Meet the Breeds is a true melting pot of nearly every purebred dog you can think of. And for those who prefer felines, The International Cat Association (TICA) will showcase many of its 73 recognized cat breeds.

You can buy tickets now, before they sell out.

So what exactly should you expect to see?

1. Dogs — lots of them.

David Woo/American Kennel Club

Yes, dogs. But not just a few dogs here and there, Meet the Breeds is all about dogs, from Akitas to Whippets and everything in between. This event will give you the unique opportunity to meet and play with more than 100 different breeds and learn about them, firsthand from their owners.

Have a favorite breed that you’ve seen in passing or online, but never met? Now’s your chance! See popular breeds like the Labrador Retriever and Golden Retrievers, newly recognized breeds like the Barbet (2020) and Nederlandse Kooikerhondje (2018), and fan favorites like the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Bulldog. Plan ahead and check out the full list of breeds attending.

Meet the Breeds is perfect for dog owners, dog lovers, and families alike. Take this once a year opportunity to play and meet all kinds of dogs!

2. Cats — yep, that’s right!

Did you just do a double-take? Yes, we did, in fact, say cats. This year, the AKC is proud to welcome back The International Cat Association® (TICA®) to Meet the Breeds.

Now is your chance to learn all about cat breeds, including Maine Coons, Siamese, Scottish Folds, and more. Meet some fabulous felines and learn what makes them unique.

3. Puppy Pack Park

The Puppy Pack Park is an all-new attraction at Meet the Breeds, set up to replicate a dog park that includes a designated off-leash area where puppies play. Only VIPs will have access to the off-leash section in the park. Otherwise, consumers can walk around in the park to pet many purebred dogs who are on-leash with their owners to discuss raising a puppy! The Puppy Pack and AKC Dog Stars will be in the park to interact with visitors.

4. Agility Demonstrations

Gather around! Come see one of the most popular dog sports: Agility! Demo rings at the event will include fan-favorites like Agility and Police/Detection dogs.

Agility is a must-see event and once you’ve gotten a taste, we guarantee you’ll be hooked!

5. Go Shopping!

Not only will the Javits Center be full of dogs and fun activities, but there will also be vendors offering dog gear, gifts, and more! It’s the perfect time to find new accessories for your pup, personalized dog breed gifts for humans, and more. You’ll find a selection of products here that you won’t find anywhere else.
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