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Expert Advice: Lifestyle 15 Adorable Photos of Dogs With Their Tongues out to Brighten Your Day
In honor of Stick Your Tongue Out Day on July 19, we're gushing over our favorite tongue sticker-outers: dogs. That little bit of pink has a way of making us melt. What's not as cute? The stuff going on inside our dog's mouth. According to previous studies, canines have more than 600 different types of […] | July 19, 2018
how to socialize a puppy
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Creativity and Critical Timing Are Key to Puppy Socialization
Nothing is more fun than introducing a litter of puppies to the world. Interactive playtime with balls, squeaky toys, climbing obstacles, and games of hide-and-seek helps puppies put a paw print forward on socialization. Add in children and seniors, backyards and basements, carpet and concrete, and puppies will be well on their way. Puppy socialization […] | July 17, 2018
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Expert Advice: News AKCLive! July 18: Fire Safety Tips, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and More
We have an exciting line-up for the July 18 episode of AKCLive! We meet Steve Reiss and his dog, Pretzel, who have just returned from the AKC Rally National Championship. We offer up some tips for National Pet Fire Safety Day. We preview the newest Meet the Breeds documentary, which is all about Pembroke Welsh […] | July 17, 2018
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Microchips: A Win-Win-Win for Puppy, Buyer, and Breeder
A microchip is universally helpful for puppy, pet owner, and you, the breeder. For the Puppy The immediate importance of pet identification (ID) is often overlooked. This is because pet owners know they will be keeping a watchful eye on their newest family member for successful house-training and to make sure the puppy does not […] | July 13, 2018
Expert Advice: News AKCLive! July 11: Checking in With an AKC Agility Champion, a Chat About Dog Names, and More
We had an exciting line-up on the July 11 episode of AKCLive! We met with Dr. Cynthia Otto, the Executive Director of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center. We visited with the reigning AKC Agility champion in the 12 inch height division. We went off leash to discuss dog names. AKCLive! is a weekly dog-centric entertainment news […] | July 10, 2018
Expert Advice: Basic Training How to Teach Your Dog to Shake Hands
Want to teach your pup to shake hands? Luckily, this trick is easy for dogs to learn and will wow friends and family. There are two methods you can use to train your canine companion to shake. Method 1: Wait him out Hold out your empty hand, palm up, at a height close to your […] | June 28, 2018
Expert Advice: News AKCLive! June 27: How to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer, Take the Perfect Social Media Shot, and More
We had an exciting line-up on the June 27 episode of AKCLive! We checked in with Charell Star, who showed us how to capture the perfect shot of your pet for social media. We highlighted some fun ways that you and your dog can stay cool this summer. We brought you a new Nibbles & […] | June 26, 2018
Take Your Dog to Work Day
Expert Advice: Lifestyle Man’s Best Co-Worker: Tips to Get Your Pup Ready for ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’
On Friday, June 22, dog owners around the country will be bringing their canine companions to the office for "Take Your Dog to Work Day." Studies have shown that pets in the workplace create a more productive environment, lower stress, and actually decrease employee absenteeism. In addition to the calming effects dogs have on people, […] | June 21, 2018
national selfie day
Expert Advice: Lifestyle Happy National Selfie Day! See AKC Readers Posing With Their Pups
In honor of National Selfie Day on June 21, we asked AKC readers to submit selfies with their dogs — and boy, did they deliver! Check out a handful of the pics we received in the slideshow above, and continue to send us your selfies. We love seeing happy dog owners and their canine companions. […] | June 21, 2018
Expert Advice: News AKCLive! June 20: Dr. Mary Burch, Director of AKC’s Family Dog Program, Answers Your Questions
Things were a little different on the June 20 episode of AKCLive! This week's installment was a call-in show with Dr. Mary Burch, Director of AKC's Family Dog Program. She was in the studio to talk about AKC's Canine Good Citizen program and dog behavior. We took questions from local dog owners as well as […] | June 19, 2018

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