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Zack & Zoey Spider

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One of the creepiest, crawliest dog Halloween costume trends in recent years has been spiders. Spiders have always played a role in Halloween decor, adding a spooky element into the holiday fun. There are endless human costumes out there, but what about a dog spider costume?

From four legs to eight legs, we’ve rounded up possible costumes to turn your adorable dog into a creepy-crawly.

Dog Halloween Costume Safety Guidelines

Before dressing up your dog, consider whether wearing a costume is right for your dog. Not all dogs enjoy wearing clothing. If you do decide to dress up your dog, follow costume guidelines for dogs to ensure a fun and safe night:

  • Avoid any toxic ingredients.
  • Watch out for any potential choking hazards.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Never leave your costumed dog unattended.
  • Comfort is key.
  • Consider a test run before heading out with your dog in a costume.
  • Take the temperature into consideration. If they’re too hot, take off the costume.
  • Keep photoshoots short.
  • If your dog looks uncomfortable or if they might be in danger, ditch the costume.

If you have any concerns about a potential costume for your dog, consult your trainer and/or veterinarian beforehand.

Spider and Tarantula Dog Halloween Costumes

Zack & Zoey Fuzzy Tarantula Costume

Zack & Zoey Spider

If you’re going for more authentic this one from Zack and Zooey has bendable legs and fur to help it resemble a real tarantula. Price: $30.36 

California Costumes Pet Spider


This adorable costume is positively spooky! From googly eyes to eight long legs, this “spider” outfit will turn your dog into a real fright. Price: $24.50 and up

Frisco Spider Dog & Cat Costume


This dog costume comes in seven sizes, making it a great option for all different dogs. The head piece is separate from the part that goes on your dog’s body, so you can customize as you choose. Price: $18.19

Mogoko Spider Dog Costume


This dog spider costume is easy to put on and take off. This eerie option comes in four different sizes, as well. Price: $20.99 and up

Frisco Spider Webbed Dog & Cat Costume Cape


This costume technically isn’t in the shape of a spider, but this orange cape is covered in spider webs. The hook-and-loop straps around the belly and neck keep it secure. Price: $11.82 and up

Need dog costume inspiration? Check out the best Halloween costumes for dogs and kids or check out our complete guide to dog Halloween costumes.

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