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One of the biggest joys of Halloween for a child is picking out the perfect costume. This year, why not multiply the cuteness by involving your pup? As long as your dog is OK with costumes and crowds, involving your dog in the holiday can be fun. Here is our guide to the best dog and kid matching costumes. From food to comic book characters — your dog and child duo will be the stars of any party this season.

Dog and Kid Halloween Costume Guide

Safety Guidelines for Halloween Costumes
Dog and Kid Matching Unicorn Costumes
Dog and Kid Matching Hot Dog and Hamburger Costumes
Dog and Kid Matching Safari Costumes
Dog and Kid Matching Dorothy Costume
Dog and Kid Matching Spiderman Costumes
Dog and Kid Matching Firefighter Costumes

Dog Halloween Costume Safety Guidelines

Before dressing up your dog in any Halloween costume, keep these guidelines in mind to ensure a fun and safe night for both you and your pet:

1. Avoid any toxic ingredients
2. Beware of choking hazards
3. Keep it simple
4. Never leave your dog unattended
5. Comfort is key
6. Consider a test run
7. Take the temperature into consideration
8. Don’t go overboard
9. Keep photoshoots short
10. If your dog looks uncomfortable or if he’s in danger, ditch the costume

Remember: if you have any concerns about a potential costume for your canine companion, consult your trainer and/or veterinarian beforehand.

Dog and Kid Matching Unicorn Costumes

Dog Unicorn Costume

Nothing But Love Unicorn Costume For Dogs With Wig

This pink unicorn horn and mane are the perfect accessories for dogs of any size. The furry mane is easy to slip on and off and the horn fits softly under your pup’s chin and neck. The manufacturer notes that this material is approved by pet health professionals. This costume comes in three sizes S – L and fits most dogs.

More than half of the 20 reviewers rated this product with 5 stars. Many reviewers note that the horn stands up straight. Some add that the product was very adjustable as the straps can be fitted to the girth of your dog’s chest. Price: $15.

Kid’s Unicorn Costume

NEWCOSPLAY Unisex Children Unicorn Costume


Not only is this children’s unicorn costume adorable for Halloween, but it’s also completely versatile and can be worn as pajamas. The manufacturer notes that the clothing is “fun and whimsical” and features a hood with eyes, a unicorn horn, nose, and teeth. While the horn lays upon the top of the hood, the back of the onesie also features a tail. The material is plush to the touch and will keep your child warm during colder months. Made out of polyester, the manufacturer suggests hand washing and laying flat to dry to prevent fading.

Reviewers note that you may want to purchase a size up, and the sizing ranges from size 4 to 10. Overall, more than 75 percent of reviews are positive, mentioning that the costume was the perfect gift and will see more than just use for Halloween. Price: $19.

Dog and Kid Matching Hot Dog and Hamburger Costumes

Dog Hot Dog Costume

Forum Novelties Hot Dog Pet Costume


This hot dog costume for dogs features a tunic to softly slip over your pup, and it fits snuggly against their body. The manufacturer notes that the costume is perfect for food festivals, Halloween, or just regular fun. The piece comes in a size that fits small to medium-sized dogs. Price: $14-$33 (pricing varies according to size).

Kid’s Hamburger Costume

Rubie’s Burger Costume


To match your furry friend in their hot dog costume, your child will want to put this hamburger costume on your shopping list. This costume features a printed hamburger on the front and a solid white fabric on the back. This costume is great for older children who may not want to put as much time into dressing up.

The costume is made out of polyester foam which in turn, makes it lighter and easy to wear. The armholes are designed from the back so that no piece of the burger is comprised while wearing. To wash, the manufacturer suggests spot cleaning and hanging to dry. Customers can choose from this hamburger as pictured, bacon, an egg, or a large taco.

Roughly 40 customers highlighted their experience with this costume. Some state that the piece appears washed out, but some argue that it’s exactly as expected. Out of the reviews, 25 percent are 5-star and customers say that for the price the costume fits their needs. While the material is lightweight, it can appear flimsy. But a  few customers liked this as larger winter coats can be worn underneath. Price: $21

Dog and Kid Matching Safari Costumes

Dog Giraffe Costume

Rubie’s Giraffe Hoodie Pet Costume


This giraffe pet costume features a giraffe pattern and giraffe head directly atop the hood. The back of the product features a furry tail. The costume is great for pet parades and even playdates. The product comes in 4 sizes: S – XL, but Rubie’s recommends following the measuring chart and measuring your pup before ordering.

Nearly 30 reviews (the majority being 5-star), note that it’s a great costume and true to size. Some customers highlight that the head can be heavy while wearing. Price: $19.

Kid’s Zookeeper Costume

Dress Up America’s Zoo Keeper


Now that your furry friend has an animal costume, your child can coordinate as a zookeeper. This product is made out of polyester and features a belt and hat attached to the jumpsuit. The manufacturer notes that since this product is 100 percent polyester, it is resistant to many stains, shrinking, and mildew. The product can be purchased in 6 different sizes: 2T – Youth L.

Reviewers note that this product may fit better if you order up a size and to be aware of the patches falling off upon removal. Since the costume is a jumpsuit, it could be difficult to take on and off. Some customers mention that the belt appears flimsy, but overall many were happy with their experience. More than half of the reviews are 5-star and highlight that this product is great for Halloween, birthdays, parades, and much more. Price: $24.

Dog and Kid Matching Dorothy Costume

Dog Basket Costume

Rasta Imposta Basket Pet Costume


This foam basket costume fits directly over your pup’s neck. The loop to the basket attaches with a hook and the basket fastens on the strap worn on the belly. Sizes range from XS – XXL.

Ten raving reviews mention that the costume is easy to wear and put on. One customer highlights that one improvement could be additional velcro on the belly strap. In addition, many reviews rave about how adorable this costume was during a Wizard of Oz themed party. Price: $23-28

Kids Dorothy Costume

Rubie’s Wizard of Oz Sequin Dorothy Costume


Now that your dog is dressed as Toto, your child will need a Dorothy costume! Rubie’s suggests you follow their sizing chart to make sure the costume is the correct size. Sizes range from Toddler 1 and 2 – Youth L. The product features sequins, blue hair bows, a white jumper, and lace at the hem. Ruby slippers and a Toto basket are available separately through the manufacturer.

More than 300 reviews (the majority positive), rave about the costume. Some mention that the underneath feels itchy to wear and it may be best to wear additional clothes beneath the costume to prevent scratching. As the sequins shine through to add a little extra pizazz, customers note that this costume was great quality for the price. Price: $20.

Dog and Kid Matching Spiderman Costumes

Dog Spiderman Costume

Rubie’s Marvel Spiderman Pet Costume


This Marvel-centric costume features a shirt and hood. Sizes range from S – XXXL.

The nearly 100 reviews highlight mixed opinions, but some mention the fabric is stretchy and lightweight. Customers also state that the colors are very vibrant and that the costume is of great quality for the price. It’s important to note that some reviews do state that the hood doesn’t include holes for your pup’s ears. Moreover, a few reviewers write that their dogs were able to run and play while wearing this costume. Price: $13.

Kid’s Spiderman Costume

Rubie’s Marvel Spiderman Kid’s Costume


Not only will your dog be the hero of the night, but so will your child. This costume comes in one color and ranges in sizes: S – L. This product also features a printed mask and a muscle chest. It’s also important to note that the Marvel costumes from Rubie’s are officially licensed by Marvel Universe.

About 64 percent of the roughly 90 reviews are positive. Many reviewers state that they absolutely love this costume. A few reviews mention that the product comes with a shoe cover and the picture can vary from the delivery. Some do warn that the mask can be hard to breathe in, as the netting doesn’t align with the eyes or nose. Price: $25.

Dog and Kid Matching Firefighter Costumes

Dog Firefighter Costume

Rubie’s Firefighter Pet Costume


This dog firefighter costume features a jacket with reflective strips and a matching hat. The manufacturer notes that not all costumes will fit based off of breed type, but to follow their instructional video. This product is available in sizes S to L.

More than 30 reviews highlight this product’s versatility for more than just Halloween. Another review adds that the firefighter helmet includes loops for your dog’s ears, but these can be easily cut if needed. Price: $10.

Kid’s Firefighter Costume

Storybook Wishes Fireman Halloween Costume


Let your child strut alongside your canine with this matching firefighter costume. Customers can choose to buy the outfit with or without the helmet. The product features elastic pants for an adjustable fit and a button-up shirt.

Customers write that this product is durable during playtime and costume parties. Many reviewers state that this piece is great quality and their children loved wearing this, as it was comfortable to touch. Price: $16-23

The AKC independently selected each product featured in this article. If you purchase a product through this article, we may receive a portion of the sale. While we do our best to update links often, please note that prices and deals are subject to change.—

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