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Great Dane puppy exploring in a field.
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The AKC DNA Program is proud to announce the official launch of a new DNA test, AKC DNA + Health. This test combines the original AKC DNA profile with genetic health and traits testing for a powerful breeder tool. The goal of this new test is to satisfy all the needs of breeders with just one kit.

  • Offers AKC DNA Profile + over 328 markers for health and traits
    • Every dog submitted receives results for all health and trait markers, regardless of breed. However, results are filtered based on breed with tests most relevant for a breed at the top of the report.
    • Results will be emailed within 4-5 weeks from receipt at the lab.
    • Meets AKC registration requirements
      • The AKC DNA Profile, comprised of 201 SNP markers, is used for genetic identity and parentage verification. Each genotype is entered into the AKC DNA Database of nearly 1 million dogs. Genotypes are then compared to sire, dams, and offspring based on pedigree to verify parentage and help protect the registry.
      • AKC DNA Profiling is required for stud dogs whose semen is collected for frozen or fresh extended use, Frequently Used Sires, and imported breeding stock. AKC DNA Profiling is also required for registration of Multiple-Sire Litters.
      • The original AKC DNA Kit will still be available for purchase. If you already have an AKC DNA Kit, AKC DNA + Health tests can be added during the activation process for $85.99 (the difference in price between the two kits) at Upgrade is only available for barcoded kits.
    • Helps to meet Breeder of Merit/Bred with H.E.A.R.T. certification requirements for DNA tests for most breeds. Some exclusions apply.
      • For breed-specific DNA test recommendations, click here. Test recommendations are based on AKC Parent Club Health Statements.
      • Some breeds also require DNA health tests for CHIC certification. Please note that the AKC Parent Club Statements do not always match for various reasons.
      • Use of the AKC DNA + Health to meet Breeder of Merit and Bred with H.E.A.R.T. certification requirements for genetic testing is voluntary.
    • Coat color tests for the following genetic loci are included for every dog:
  • E Locus
    • Evaluates 7 loci (e1, e2, e3, eA, Eg, Eh, and Em) to determine pigment production of phaeomelanin (yellow/red pigment, e) or eumalanin (black/brown pigment, E)
  • K Locus
    • Evaluates dominant black and expression of the A locus.
    • Brindle is not included.
  • A Locus (Agouti)
    • Helps determine coat pattern, such as wolf-sable, black and tan, and recessive black
    • This genetic test is linkage with the ASIP
  • B Locus (Brown)
    • Evaluates 6 different alleles for brown
  • Co Locus (Cocoa, French Bulldog Type)
    • Helps determine brown in French bulldogs
  • D Locus (Dilute)
    • Evaluates 3 different alleles for diluting pigment, which is associated with lighter coat color, such as blue and silver
  • I Locus (Intensity)
    • Helps determine intensity of dogs with e/e genotypes
  • S Locus (White Spotting, Parti, or Piebald)
  • R Locus (Roan/Ticked)
  • M Locus (Merle) for merle coat patterns
  • H Locus (Harlequin, Great Dane Type)
  • These color tests provide genotypes at different loci that are related to color, but specific coat color for an individual dog cannot be determined with the AKC DNA + Health test.
  • Every purchase helps to fund the work of AKC’s non-profit affiliates such as the AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF)
  • Comes with lifetime access to canine genetic counselors (staffed by veterinary professionals) to help make smart breeding decisions
  • Verifiable results – using world class technology to internally validate results to match each specific dog (if AKC DNA for sire and dam are on file)
  • Results delivered by our trusted service provider (Neogen) with the highest industry standards

In summary, AKC DNA + Health is designed as a tool to help breed healthier dogs and maintain the integrity of the registry. The AKC is pleased to be offering this new service to breeders, and we strive to add more tests that are important to breeders as time goes on.

To purchase an AKC DNA + Health Kit, visit For further questions, click here. You can also contact us at or call 919-816-3508.

Please note that AKC DNA health and trait tests are for informational purposes only. Abnormal results are not diagnostic for the disease. If you are concerned your dog may have this disease, please consult your veterinarian. A normal result does not exclude a different cause of this disease, either from a different genetic variant, or from another cause.