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AKC DNA + Health

AKC DNA + Health Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the AKC DNA + Health Kit?

The AKC DNA + Health Kit includes the original AKC DNA Profile of 201 markers for genetic identity and parentage verification, as well as the new 328+ markers for health & traits, including color markers.

Customers will receive 2 pdfs for results:
1) AKC DNA Profile Letter of Analysis of 201 markers.
View sample for a Labrador Retriever here: Sample AKC DNA Profile Letter of Analysis
2) Report of health and trait markers.
View sample for a Labrador Retriever here: Sample AKC DNA + Health Report Profile

What health and trait markers are tested?

We offer a multiplexed, multi-platform panel using microarray technology that includes over 328 markers for health and traits. For a list of included tests, click here.

What is the turnaround time to receive test results?

You can expect your AKC DNA+ Health results within 4-5 weeks of kit activation and submission to the lab.

What genetic testing provider processes AKC DNA and AKC DNA + Health samples?

Results are delivered by our trusted service provider, Neogen, with the highest industry standards. The laboratory is located in Lincoln, NE.

How do you determine what markers are important for my breed?

For AKC-registerable, purebred dogs, this is determined by the breed’s Parent Club Health Statements. For more information on AKC DNA+ Health and Parent Club Health Statements, please click here.

If my breed’s Parent Club does not recommend DNA health tests, do you still recommend using this test?

Yes! There are many reasons a Parent Club may not have recommended DNA health tests, and this kit can still provide valuable information about your specific dog.

Will this test for diseases that are not specific to my breed?

Yes! You will receive results from all 328+ health and trait markers.

In addition to health tests, what other information is provided?

The AKC DNA + Health kit offers 283 health markers, as well as 45 trait and color markers. Please note that this test does not determine a dog’s breed, heritage, specific coat color, temperament, or performance.

Can I use this test if my dog is not an AKC-registerable breed, or if they are not registered?

Yes, this test can be used on any dog despite its registration status, including mixed breed dogs.

I have a mixed breed dog. Will this test tell me my dog’s breed heritage?

No, this test does not determine breed or breed heritage. Breeds are determined by parent clubs setting standards based on appearance, pedigree, and stud books. Breed clubs can even open stud books to bring in additional dogs, or breed definitions can vary in different registries. Therefore, a DNA test cannot reliably determine breed, which is defined by rules and regulations.

I already have an AKC DNA Profile on my dog. Will I need to submit a new sample?

Yes, a new sample is required for AKC DNA + Health.

I already paid for a DNA sample. Is there a discounted rate for the new test since I do not need two?

If you purchased the AKC DNA Kit and have not yet submitted your dog’s DNA sample, you can add health for an additional $85.99 during the activation process at Once a kit is received by the lab, then health cannot be added to that kit. Please note, the health upgrade is only available for barcoded kits.

My dog’s health test results show a positive result for a genetic variant associated with a disease or trait. What do I do now?

AKC DNA+ Health is proud to provide Canine Genetic Counselors to assist in understanding your dog’s results. You may contact the Canine Genetic Counseling Call Center at 919.816.3508 and selecting option 4. Please note, your Genetic Counselor may recommend speaking with your dog’s veterinarian about their results.

My dog’s health test results show a positive result for a genetic variant associated with a disease or trait. How do I use this information to make breeding decisions?

It depends on the positive result. Please call our Canine Genetic Counseling Center at 919.816.3508 for information and guidance.

Is there an age limit for when I can test my dog?

There is no age limit for AKC DNA + Health testing.

How do I order this test?

Purchase a kit on the AKC Shop at

How is this test performed?

We require two cheek swabs, obtained using bristle brush swabs. Kits must be activated on prior to being sent to the lab.

You will also find an instructional video on swabbing your dog on

Will you accept other genetic material, such as blood, semen, dewclaws, or hair?

No, this test requires cheek swabs.

If the dog is deceased and only frozen semen is available, please contact AKC DNA at 919.816.3508 for guidance.

Why did the AKC get involved in DNA health testing?

The AKC aims to provide a single source for dog owners to have a complete profile of their dog’s genetic and breed-specific health profiles. Testing is in conjunction with Parent Club requirements and recommendations, when there are tests recommended or required by Parent Clubs. Parent Club Health Statements, please click here.

Who owns the AKC DNA+ Health DNA samples, and are they stored?

All samples submitted belong to the AKC and will be archived at the discretion of the AKC.

Additional questions?

Contact us at or call 919-816-3508.