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  • Breeder of Merit registration applications and registration certificates featuring a special designation
  • Monthly credit for online reports
  • Access to the AKC Direct toll free number
  • Free litter listings on AKC Marketplace for qualified breed(s)
  • Prime placement of AKC Marketplace listings
  • A certificate of distinction
  • Breed-specific web banners that participants can use to proudly promote their involvement in the Program
  • Puppies from Breeder of Merit litters are eligible for a 10% discount on annual pet insurance coverage from AKC Pet Insurance. (*not available in all states, some exclusion may apply)
  • Lapel pin
  • And more!

Advanced Level Benefits

In addition to all the benefits of the Breeder of Merit program, the recognition level will be displayed on:

  • Individual Registration certificates
  • Marketplace listings ( premier placement also)
  • Breeder of Merit certificates
  • Breeder of Merit Web Banners

Advanced levels of Breeder of Merit receive an additional AKC Store credit in their MyAKC account and additional promotions as offered

Breeders of Merit receive a 50% discount on the Titles Bred report



Breeder of Merit sponsored by Royal Canin