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  • Breeder of Merit registration applications and registration certificates featuring a special designation
  • Monthly credit for online reports
  • Access to the AKC Direct toll free number
  • Free litter listings on AKC Marketplace for qualified breed(s)
  • Prime placement of AKC Marketplace listings
  • A certificate of distinction
  • Breed-specific web banners that participants can use to proudly promote their involvement in the Program
  • Puppies bred by Breeders of Merit are eligible for 30 days of pet health insurance included with registration at no additional cost and 10% discount on annual policy through AKC Pet Insurance
  • Lapel pin
  • And more!

Breeders of Merit can start earning rewards while working toward full litter registration. The AKC Breeder Rewards Program, powered by AKC Pet Insurance, allows breeders to earn up to $10 per puppy by encouraging their puppy buyers to take responsible steps in new puppy ownership – complete their AKC registration, activate their 30 days of pet insurance coverage, and download the new TailTrax mobile app. There is no cost or commitment to participate. Just sign up to start earning!

Learn more and enroll in the AKC Breeder Rewards Program. 

Advanced Level Benefits

In addition to all the benefits of the Breeder of Merit program, the recognition level will be displayed on:

  • Individual Registration certificates
  • Marketplace listings ( premier placement also)
  • Breeder of Merit certificates
  • Breeder of Merit Web Banners

Advanced levels of Breeder of Merit receive an additional AKC Store credit in their MyAKC account and additional promotions as offered

Breeders of Merit receive a 50% discount on the Titles Bred report



Breeder of Merit sponsored by Royal Canin 

The American Kennel Club recognizes Breeders of Merit for their dedication to breeding purebred dogs with the appearance, temperament, and abilities that are true to their breed standard, and for their commitment to health screening and 100 percent puppy registration. The AKC celebrates their success in and passion for canine sports. They are the pinnacle of the AKC community.