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AKC's Top Breeders Are Being Recognized With The New Breeder of Merit Program!

(Monday, December 13, 2010)

Launched on October 4th, 2010, the Breeder of Merit program has quickly taken off, with members reaching over 1,200 in the first 2 months! Implemented to honor AKC’s core breeders/exhibitors, the Breeder of Merit program gives recognition for years of dedication and commitment to their breeding programs and success in all AKC events. Eligible breeders in every sport of the AKC community have shown great enthusiasm and support for the program.

Accepted participants of the Breeder of Merit program have been thrilled with the numerous benefits awarded with their acceptance. Benefits include free Online Breeder Classified advertisements, a Breeder of Merit designation on registration applications and certificates, as well as a special certificate of distinction. Additionally, Breeders of Merit are being acknowledged publicly on AKC.org, the AKC Gazette, and with a silver lapel pin for representation at events. With so many breeders advertising online, the customizable, breed specific web banners have been a great asset for Breeders of Merit’s personal websites.

As a successful AKC breeder/exhibitor, ensure you get the recognition you deserve by applying for the Breeder of Merit program! For qualifications and a program application, go to www.akc.org/breederofmerit

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