Find the Perfect Halloween Costume for Your Large Dog

mastiff king

Larger dogs are a little tougher to dress up, in general, but we've found a good list of easy costumes for larger dogs that are both cute and easy to get your dog into. Even big dogs can get in on the trick-or-treating this Halloween season.

1- Bat Dog

We all need a super hero, or three, in our lives. Here’s the bat dog to the rescue!!!

2- Ballerina

If your dog is anything like mine, grace is not her strong suit, but luckily she only has to look cute for a little while in this tutu.

3- Ghostbusters

Who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Not sure this adorable dog will help much, but he definitely looks cute.

4- Skeleton

A fun take on the classic skeleton costume: this time for your dog.

5- Darth Vader

Your dog will probably come by the heavy breathing necessary for this costume, but it just adds authenticity to the character.

6- Monster

Your dog’s not really a monster, but on Halloween might as well dress him up as something he’s not (or sometimes can be).

7- Lion Mane

We know your dog is more like a little kitten, but maybe, just on Halloween we can pretend he’s a little more vicious.

8- Police

The costume for when your dog has dreams bigger than being in the K9 unit.

9- Tuxedo

Everyone wants to feel and look fancy every once in a while, even your dog. This tuxedo Halloween is perfect for that.

10- Prisoner

The perfect costume for the dog that is always mischievous and stealing your spot on the couch.

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