20 Dogs Who Are Helping Their Owners Decorate for the Holidays

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It's officially December and that means the holidays will be here in no time. Which also means...


There's nothing more fun than decorating the inside and outside of your house or apartment in garland, lights, and all sorts of other festive items. And what good is decorating if you don't get a little help?

So here for your enjoyment and pleasure is a roundup of 20 dogs who are helping (or at least watching) their owners decorate for the holidays.

This German Shepherd and his owner are posed and perfect post-decorating.


A photo posted by Busca (@busca_treinodecaes) on


It's all smiles for this helping Husky.


A photo posted by @tailoftwohuskies on


This Chihuahua is very serious about the holidays (and his owner's frosty-blue tree).

This guy's pretty serious too.


A photo posted by Ajax (@the_golden_ajax) on


And don't forget this pup.


A photo posted by Chewbacca �� (@chewie_gs) on


"Decorating is hard work!" --this Corgi.


A photo posted by Lola (@lola_the_mini_corgi) on


"I'm ready to practice my Christmas carols."


A photo posted by Ted E. Bear (@ted_e_wear) on

See some actual singing dogs here. And discover why they're so musically vocal here.


"Forget the tree, where are my presents?" -this Golden Retriever


A photo posted by ⓩⓞⓔⓨ (@zoeygoldengirl) on


Looks like this Bulldog did a little more sleeping and a little less helping.


A photo posted by Alexandre (@alexnunomatos) on

This Dachshund is very proud of all her hard work.


A photo posted by Jenni Smith (@tonewithjenni) on


"I look fabulous, just like the tree." --Jolene the Shih Tzu


A photo posted by Jolenetheshihtzu (@jolenetheshihtzu) on


These Huskies are resting up before the decorating starts. It's a big tree, after all, it'll be a lot of work!


A photo posted by @tailoftwohuskies on


"Hey, I'm Santa!"


A photo posted by Paws Party Bakery (@pawspartybakery) on

Keep your dog happy in his Christmas outfit, we've got your safety tips here!


This dog looks a little bah-humbug.


A photo posted by OTTO (@ottoman_thegolden) on


"Look at me and this tree!" --Moxie the Maltese


A photo posted by Lori Howard (@chetsbabe) on

"Us Goldens look great with a tree!"


A photo posted by Summer (@sumsum_the_dog) on


"I helped with the tree, am I on the nice list now?" --this Chocolate Lab


A photo posted by Sadie (@sadie_thechocolatelab) on


Such a dapper decorator!


A photo posted by Mei Li (@meilichowchow) on


Can't wait for the holidays!


A photo posted by Wrigley (@wrigley_prez) on


Don't forget though, while you're decorating, to keep your dog away from any dangerous holiday items! See our tips here.

And if you need some dog-tastic gifts for your pup or fellow dog-lovers in your life, check out our holiday gifts on the AKC Shop.

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