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Retriever Field Trials: Articles

Scatter Creek Retriever Club – First Trial

The Scatter Creek Retriever Club held its first field trial on July 27 through 29 2012 in and around the town of Chehalis, Washington on the Pat Little’s property.

One of the sites used consisted of flat hay fields and man-made ponds. The other field was also a hay field but had more natural terrain and natural ponds on it. Pat had a field that was used for camping for those contestants who had trailers. Both set of judges used the grounds very well with all of their tests.

The club put on a very well organized trial. The Chairman had lots of help from club officers and members. As we all know it takes a lot to put a trial on and Jeff even did all of the lunches and cooked the dinner for the tailgate party. All of the northwest clubs were there and pitched in and helped with throwing birds and with all of the equipment needed to put on a trial.

The open and derby judges were Chris Hatch and Tom Hartl; the amateur and qualifying judges were John Robinson and Donald Grenseman . They did a great job and that always helps make a good trial!

Amateur judges John Robinson and Donald Grenseman conferring with Contestant Mel Milton.

Chris Hatch and Tom Hartl, Open judges.

Jeff Bartlett, Scatter Creek Club president and event chairman. He was the driving force to put this club together.