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by Executive Field Rep Wayne Bleazard

The Blackhawk Retriever Club in Mondovi, Wisconsin is going to host the 2013 Amateur National Retriever Field Trial. The grounds are all on private property, owned by Wayne & Terry Curtis, John & Larraine Unbehaun, John & Laura Parrott, Randy & Mary Spangler and Rick & Shari Bauer.

Wisconsin has always been known as “the flatland” by people who live in the mountainous west. However, club members indicate this little part of Wisconsin was where the glaciers split and the ground did not level out like the majority of the state. As a result, some very interesting topography and good dog training/trialing grounds for field trials and hunt tests have been formed. Owners had to clear the trees and make ponds but the grounds are some of the best in the country.

Wayne Curtis was the first dog “resident” with his kennels and property. Interest in Mondovia just took off from there. The farms around the grounds are very well kept and there is very little traffic on the roads, which is a big plus for the National.

Blackhawk club members also mentioned that just one ridge over are some of the biggest and the best deer herds of white tails in the state. They have been featured on some of the TV programs on the hunting networks.

Mondovia makes a nice National venue, as contestants can get there fairly easily with the Minneapolis St. Paul airport only 100 miles away. The town of Eau Claire is only 30 miles away and they have all of the amenities that are needed for a national trial.