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Dachshund Field Trials

Dachshund Field Trials: Information

In Dachshund field trials braces of dogs are put on the scent line of a rabbit or hare and judged on the quality of their work on the scent line. The Dachshunds should never appear to be running haphazard but rather should display sensible and efficient actions with an intense enthusiasm for hunting. The dogs should be credited with work in relation to how it leads to accomplishment, rather than ‘style’ of work.

In the Dachshund field trial rulebook, you will find a thorough description of the desirable qualities a field trial judge is searching for in the Dachshunds’ work. There are also descriptions of undesirable traits to be faulted according to how they affect the lack of accomplishment on the line.

The Dachshund is first and foremost a hunting breed. The hunt created the breed and by competing in Dachshund field trials, breeders and owners work to preserve the breed.

Dachshund field trials are held in various areas of the country. You can search for an event in your area by going to Events Search section of the AKC website. You can contact a Dachshund club in your area through the Club Search and searching through the Performance clubs for a Dachshund club near you.

For more information on getting started in Dachshund field trials, browse through the Dachshund Field Trial web pages.