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Dachshund Field Trials

Dachshund Field Trials

Did you know that Dachshund translates to “badger dog” in German? Indeed, there are many similarities between a Doxie and a badger: From their long and low bodies to their abilities to hunt both above- and below-ground.

Dachshund Field Trials (“competitions”) are held in fenced-in areas, and the objective is to “track the game,” meaning to follow a scent trail that a rabbit or hare has left behind. The goal is not to actually catch any prey and no animals are harmed in field trials. Dogs run in packs of two (called a “brace”) and are judged on their ability to search and explore; to pursue and keep control of a trail; the accuracy in trailing; obedience to commands; their “willingness to go to earth” (into a tunnel or underground); courage; and more.

Almost everyone knows the Dachshund’s sausage-like body — but when you see them running after a rabbit’s trail, and squeezing his body down into tunnels and holes, you’ll realize they are pretty serious athletes.

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