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Fast CAT

Fast CAT: E-Results Template

In the last year Fast CAT has become one of the most popular sports for dogs and owners to enjoy. The popularity of Fast CAT has led to more results from qualified dogs to be recorded.  It can be quite a task for event secretaries to prepare and submit results to AKC then wait for them to be received and applied.  In order to make the result submission process easier and faster, the Performance Events Department now offers a AKC Fast CAT E-Results Template which also includes an automated online Secretary’s Report.  This template will allow your club’s results to be loaded automatically and applied instantly to the win records of qualified dogs.

By using the Fast CAT E-Results Template, clubs have the advantage of knowing results have been received by AKC and recorded.  The use of this template will help minimize errors, minimize correction research, create better quality control and reduce wait times. Ultimately, it will allow owners to see their dog’s MPH and points sooner and receive their title certificates faster. Clubs can also use this to help retain records without worrying and waiting if scanned copies or paper results were received.  This will also decrease the lag time for latest speeds to reflect in the Top 20 Rankings.

We encourage Fast CAT clubs to utilize this new template for their next event!

Should anyone need corrections made to their dog’s record we now have a convenient and faster online Fast CAT Correction Request Form. Please utilize this form for faster service.

If you have any questions, please contact the AKC Performance Events Department 919-816-3908 or email