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Fast CAT Invitational

Fast CAT Invitational

2022 Event Coverage Here


Tuesday, December 13 – Saturday, December 17

in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center


UPDATE 12/17/22



UPDATE 12/16/22

Congratulations to today’s Best of Breed Winners!

Dogs shown with no time still have yet to run. To see results from previous days go here.


UPDATE 12/15/22

This is the running order for Friday and Saturday and confirms those dogs that have advanced to the final.  Good Luck Everyone!


UPDATE 12/14/22

Check back to this page for Thursday prelim results as well as which dogs will advance to the Final. A list of advanced dogs will be listed on this page Thursday evening. Also stay tuned here for any possible changes to scheduling due to weather.


Reminder:  Checking in lets us know you are here and allows us to give you your souvenir bag. Handlers only need to check in once time for the event. Plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your run time to allow time to stop by the secretary’s desk under the tent to receive your souvenir bag and to have your dog inspected at the inspection station. Prior to running all dogs must pass through inspection. 



UPDATE 12/7/2022 -Non-Invitational FAST Cats held Sunday, December 18 – Run Order 

The running order for the two non-Invitational Fast CATs are now available. Please note, both events are full and there is limited availability to make changes.  When planning this order, it was carefully taken into consideration everyone’s preference along with those who have dogs entered in other events during Orlando week.

Sunday, December 18, 2022 AKC Non-Invitational Run Order


UPDATE 12/1/2022

Entries for the non-Invitational Fast CATs have filled and are now closed. Thank you all – we will see you soon. A link to the running order will be posted soon on this page. Stay tuned!

For online crating if anyone has experienced trouble, we have corrected the issue. Please go ahead and try again using your pin# and registration #.  Be sure to delete any pre-fill pin or registration number and type it in from scratch. If you see that is says “already assigned” that space is full.


UPDATE 11/30/2022

Crating reservations for the Fast CAT Invitational is now open. We have 52 spaces available with no charge. The parking lot is right next to the field so vehicles are conveniently located and are in a short walking distance. These 52 spaces are located under the tent where the secretary’s desk will be located. Please see here for instructions on how to reserve. Pin number info will be emailed this evening to all invitees. If you did not receive your pin, please call 919-816-3340 or email  during business hours 8:15AM to 4:30PM.  The link to reserve is here. The reservation period will end at 5PM (EST), December 11, 2022.


UPDATE 11/21/2022

There will be two non-Invitational Fast CATs on held on Sunday.  See the Premium List here.  Entries open today and run to Saturday, December 3 at 11:00PM. Each event is limited to 150 entries. If entries do not fill by the deadline, entries will be taken on the grounds.


UPDATE 11/20/2022


Tuesday – Preliminary Day 1

Wednesday – Preliminary Day 2

Thursday – Preliminary Day 3


UPDATE 11/17/2022

  • There will be two non-Invitational Fast CATs held on Sunday, December 18 at the Orlando Convention Center following the Invitational. Tests will be run concurrently. The Premium List will be available early next week which will include a link to enter.  Entries will be limited to 150 per test, should advanced entries not fill, day of entries will be taken.
  • The running order for the Fast CAT Invitational will be posted soon – stay tuned to this page. All entrants will be emailed a copy.




UPDATE 10/31/2022

  • The top five dogs in each breed as ranked in the 2021 online rankings and the official Invite List are eligible to enter the 2022 Fast CAT Invitational.  Any dogs that ranked 1-5 for their breed can enter using the online entry form (see link below).
  • Any entries for fourth placed dogs that have or will enter no longer need to wait for a decline  to be received from one of the the top 3 in their breed in order to attend. 
  • The entry deadline has been extended to Friday, November 11, 2022 by 8:00PM (EST). 


Please contact us with any questions at 919-816-3340 or email us at 

Important Links


Tuesday – Preliminary Day 1

Wednesday – Preliminary Day 2

Thursday – Preliminary Day 3


  • Link to Reserve Crating Spaces for the Invitational – all crating spaces are full. Note: the parking lot is very close to the field and many find it very convenient to crate in their vehicles.  
  • Link to Online Entry for Non-Invitational Fast CATS Sunday, Dec 18  – Entries have filled and are now closed.
  • Link to Online Entry for Invitational – Closed
  • Link to Purchase/Submission of Catalog Ad – Closed
  • 2022 Fast CAT Invitational Premium List
  • Official Invite List for the 2022 Fast CAT Invitational


**Latest Info Updates**:

10/20/22: RV reservations have filled up.  – To be put on the waitlist go here:



News & Updates

September 6, 2022
RV parking information – This is for on-site overnight RV parking. Space is limited.

September 6, 2022 (9/8/22 – List updated Additional Hotel Added)
Hotel Room Blocks Open on Tuesday September 6th at 1PM ET