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4-6 Month Beginner Puppy Competition

4-6 Month Beginner Puppy Competition: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age requirements to participate?
Puppies must be at least four months of age but under six months on the day of the event.

Will my puppy earn points towards his Championship?
No, championship points are not awarded in the 4 to 6 Month Beginner Puppy Competition, however, points towards a Certificate of Merit for FSS Breeds or Puppy of Achievement certificate for AKC-Recognized breeds may be earned.

What is a Certificate of Merit?
The Certificate of Merit (CM) title is an introductory title to AKC conformation events. Entrants in each FSS (including Miscellaneous Class) breed shall compete for Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed. Winners of the Best of Breed in each of the individual FSS (including Miscellaneous Class) breeds or varieties will be awarded points toward the CM title based on the number of dogs competing in their breed or variety. Winners of Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed in each of the individual breeds or varieties will be awarded points toward the CM title based on the number of dogs competing in their sex. FSS & Miscellaneous Group winners will be eligible for the highest number of points earned by any breed within that Group. Best Four-to-Six Puppy in Show will be eligible for the highest number of CM points earned by any breed entered.

Dogs Competing Points
2 1
4 2
8 3
12 4
16 5

What is a Puppy of Achievement certificate?

The AKC Puppy of Achievement (POA) program was created to help new puppy owners get started in the sport of conformation dog shows. It gives new exhibitors a fun and attainable goal to achieve as they and their dog gain valuable ring experience.  The POA certificate requires 10 POA points to be awarded in accordance with the following points structure:

Dogs Competing Points
1-2 1
3-4 2
5 or more 3

Are professional handlers allowed to compete?

Professional handlers, members of their household, and the current assistants of professional handlers are not allowed to handle dogs in this competition. Dogs that are owned or co-owned by a professional handler may compete in this competition, but are subject to the handling restrictions described in the previous sentence. Professional handlers are defined as any person who belongs or has belonged to a professional handlers’ organization, distributed rate cards, or otherwise advertised or represented themselves as handling dogs for pay within the last five years.

What are the qualifications required to judge this competition?

Domestic judges who have an AKC judge number and who have been approved to judge any Conformation breed are eligible to judge this special competition. Eligible judges may judge any breed, group, or “best in” competition. Visiting judges are eligible to judge. Judges will be credited with an enriching component for breeds judged in the 4 to 6 Month Beginner Puppy Competition.

How do I find clubs that are holding this competition in my area?
View a list of competitions.

What will my club earn for holding this competition?

Clubs will receive credit for completing both a Major Activity as well as an Additional Activity for judges gaining experience on their unapproved breeds by judging at the event.

Who should I contact with questions about this competition?

Contact the AKC Event Operations department via email or by calling 919-816-3579.

Are FSS and Miscellaneous breeds eligible to compete?

Yes, both FSS and Miscellaneous Class breeds are eligible.

How do I submit my results and entry fees?

If your event was managed by a superintendent they will submit the results report, entries, results, and payment for the entry fees to the AKC. If the club performed the duties of the event secretary, please follow the instructions on the Report of Open Show or 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy form to submit the required payment and information.