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Careers in Dogs – Skills needed in careers with dogs

  • Math and science skills, people skills, love for animals (Veterinarian, vet science and research)
  • A compassion for animals, empathy, patience, brain power, people skills, ability to take direction (Veterinary Technician)
  • Love for animals, managing skills, good business sense, people skills (Boarding Kennel Operator)
  • Strong love and knowledge of animals, a desire to be self-employed, access to a car, good health, responsible, organized, honest (Petsitter)
  • Dedication to the cause of animal welfare, positive attitude. Ability to stay focused on your ultimate goal of making the world a better place for pets. (Animal Welfare Advocate).
  • Good physical shape, strong emotional constitution, love of animals and people, teaching skills, respect for the law (Animal Control Officer)
  • Love of dogs, patience, teaching skills, people skills (Dog Trainer)
  • Love of dogs, artist at heart, patience, people skills, good health, physical strength (Groomer)
  • Love of dogs, knowledge of various breeds, showmanship, enjoy traveling, people skills, enjoy working independently (Professional Handler)
  • Passion for photography, artistic, assertiveness, knowledge of dog behavior, technical skills, equipment, business savvy, people skills (Photographer)
  • Good communication and animal handling skills. Capable with money. Polite, well presented, knowledgeable, sensible, and reliable. (Retail)
  • High degree of drawing skill, artistic, a feeling for movement and timing, aptitude for working with computers. (Illustrator)
  • Knowledge about purebred dogs; 10 years of involvement in the sport; breed and raise at least four litters of one breed; and produce at least two breed champions from those litters (Judge)
  • A solid academic background in animal behavior and extensive experience in dealing with a variety of animals in hands-on situations (Animal Behaviorist)
  • Reliability, trustworthiness, patience in handling several dogs at once, willingness to be outside in all kinds of weather, love for dogs (Dog Walker)
  • Writing skills (Writer)