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Public Education Educator Resources Build a Crate

Preschool curriculum often includes a lesson about different types of homes. Like people, dogs need shelter too! As a part of a lesson on homes or on taking care of pets, use this STEM inspired activity to encourage your children to create a home for dogs.

Responsible dog owners use crates in their homes to give their dog a safe space that is theirs to use.

This article can be read prior to the activity in order to enrich discussion with your child during the activity: All About Dog Crates

What you will need:

  • Blocks of various sizes
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Any other “building” materials-be creative!
  • Dog figurines


  1. Discuss dog homes with your child, including crates. What would make a good crate for a dog? Encourage them to be creative, even if it is not necessarily realistic (i.e. a dog’s crate that has a park inside, etc.).
  2. Older children could sketch out their crates prior to building.
  3. Have them use the items you provided to build their dog crate.
  4. Encourage them to consider how to much be anchored so that it will stay standing.
  5. Allow them to reconstruct their crates as many times as they would like and put their dogs inside to “test” it out.
  6. In conjunction with a lesson about being a responsible pet owners, these coloring sheets are a great follow up: Be A Responsible Dog Owner



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