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She Makes Waves. Talking Sports by Penny Leigh in Family Dog July-August 2019

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She Makes Waves Digital Version

Directions: Read and Annotate. Then answer the questions below. Next to your answer, provide the paragraph number that supports each answer.

1.What is unusual about Wonder?
a) She likes to swim, unlike most Afghan Hounds.
b) She is taller than most Afghan Hounds.
c) She can run really fast.
d) Wonder is from Afghanistan.

2. The main idea of this article is:
a) Afghan dogs make great dock divers.
b) Ms. Shapiro is an exceptional dog trainer.
c) Wonder is an unusual dog and Ms. Shapiro discovered her hidden talents.
d) Dogs who do tricks can be on TV.

3. What connection can you make to this article?


4. How did Shapiro help Wonder become acclimated to the water?
a) She pushed the dog into the pool and let her figure it out.
b) She showed Wonder what to do by jumping into the pool first.
c) She let Wonder see other dogs in the pool first and then put Wonder in a swim vest.
d) She threw treats into the pool for Wonder to jump in after.