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Look at Me! By Mara Bovsun for AKC Family Dog, September/October 2019 Issue

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Directions: Read and Annotate. Then answer the questions below. Next to your answer, provide the paragraph number that supports each answer.

1. How did Winky’s performance in the Agility Championship compare with the winning performance?
a) Winky was the Agility Champion in 2019.
b) Winky performed perfectly, but she took too long
c) Winky took about 6 times longer to complete the course than the winning dog.
d) Bichon Frises usually win the Agility competition, but not this time.

2. What lesson does Marie Osmond encourage people to learn from Winky?
a) Keep trying until you get it right.
b) It’s more important to enjoy the journey than to win the race.
c) Practice makes perfect.
d) Even if you mess up, keep smiling.

3. Write about a connection you have to the story of Winky’s Agility performance.


4. Why did Winky take so long to finish the course?
a) She was too busy enjoying everyone’s eyes on her.
b) She was too inexperienced to know how to complete each task quickly.
c) She got distracted by another dog.
d) She refused to jump over one of the bars.

5. How did the Bichon Frise’s breeding affect how the dogs behave today?
a) Bichon Frises were bred to be hunting dogs, so now they are good at chasing and fetching.
b) Bichon Frises were originally descended from poodles, so they are good guard dogs.
c) Bichon Frises were originally bred to be lapdogs and then learned to be entertainers, so now they are great companions.
d) Bichon Frises are traditionally curly-haired dogs, so they can’t swim.