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dogs and kids

The AKC Canine Character Education Program is a complete character education unit that is designed for schools. The goal of this program is to provide schools with a quality character education program that results in measurable improvement in student behavior and peer relationships. For many years, schools have attempted to teach children about character traits that they feel will help them to become responsible citizens in our community. Often these programs do not hold children’s attention and are therefore ineffective.

The American Kennel Club, a well-known advocate for purebred dogs and the responsible care of all dogs, has created a program that gets kids excited about character education. In this program, children will take a short personality quiz which will identify the breed of dog with which they share the most character traits. This allows children to make a real-world connection to the idea of character and gives them a familiar lens with which to view each trait by learning about a dog that exhibits that trait.

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