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AKC Public Education Department is looking for volunteers to help hand-write messages on PupPals cards. These cards are sent to hospitals, first responders, military bases, and communities across the country who have suffered great loss.  


Interested In Volunteering?

  1. Fill out this form requesting to become a volunteer. 
  2. AKC Public Education department will send you a box with PupPal cards and their corresponding messages. 
  3. Review the PowerPoint/PDF with instructions 
  4. You can hand-write the messages and decorate the inside of the cards yourself. Or you may choose to host a volunteer event to bring in people from the community to help write cards. 
  5. Mail the cards back to the AKC Public Education department.
  6. See our FAQ tab for more information, or email us at


We are able to sign a volunteer hours log for those who are tracking their volunteer efforts.


Previously Sent PupPals Cards

Uvalde Community PupPals Box
PupPals Sent to Deployed Families
Over 180 PupPals cards send to The Covenant School