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Do you know someone in need of an uplifting message from a canine companion? 

Nominate them to be sent a heartfelt PupPal today. PupPals are a fantastic way to remind someone that they are cared for and are in your thoughts!   

Anyone can be nominated for an AKC PupPal, including yourself! Some examples could be a family member who is struggling with an illness, a colleague who has been feeling a little blue or a friend who is missing a deployed love one. The possibilities of who can receive and cherish a PupPal are endless. 

If you are nominating a minor, we ask that only the parent/legal guardian nominate a child. If you know of a child who would benefit from the PupPals program, please share this webpage with their parent or legal guardian. 

Nominate a person or yourself using this form. 

The world can be a tough place, getting a message from a PupPal really makes you appreciate the little things.
Mary, PupPal nominee
My son sent me a PupPal video while I was in the hospital recovering from surgery, my day was instantly better, and I couldn’t wait to pass this program along to others.
Bill, PupPal nominee

Check Out Some of Our PupPal Canine Friends!