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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions about sending a PupPal message:

  • Who can receive an AKC PupPal message? +

    Anyone can receive an AKC PupPal! This program is designed to bring happiness to people who are struggling through a difficult time. We just ask that if you are interested in sending a PupPal to a minor, instead, send it to their parents/guardians. If the intended recipient is unable to receive videos, please contact:


  • When I send a PupPal message, will I get to pick the video my friend receives? +

    Unfortunately, no. We do not have the ability to let you choose which adorable video your friend receives. But we promise they’re all incredibly smile-worthy!

  • Will a dog owner receive information or communicate with the recipient? +

    Once a dog’s owner submits their video and information, there’s no additional communication each time their video is sent. We do this to make sure that personal information from all sides—the sender, the recipient, and the dog owner—is kept confidential.


  • As a teacher, can I sign my student up for a PupPal? +

    Along with a child’s parent, a teacher is often the first to know that a child is having a hard time. We encourage any teacher/coach etc. who believes a minor would benefit from this program to share it with a child’s parent/guardian. Only the parent/legal guardian of a child can nominate their child for this program.


  • How long will it take for my PupPal message to arrive? +

    PupPal messages are usually delivered in approximately 8-10 business days.



Frequently asked questions for those signing up to become an AKC PupPal:

  • What kind of dogs can apply to be a PupPal? +

    All breeds of dogs (including All-American Dogs) are welcome to apply!


  • Will my dog or I receive anything for joining the AKC PupPal Program? +

    Yes! Each participating dog will receive an e-certificate and bandanna thanking them for their participation.

    Currently, due to COVID -19 restrictions, our staff is not in office to ship our PupPal bandannas. We will resume shipment upon our return to the office. We thank you for your patience and understanding.


  • After enrolling my dog as a PupPal, can I send his/her specific video to a friend? +

    Unfortunately, our PupPal matching system is random, so there’s no current way to send your dog directly to a friend.


  • Can I find out anything about the person that receives my dog’s PupPal video? +

    Unfortunately, no. However, you can rest assured that the person who receives your PupPal video will be very happy!


Any further questions or concerns please contact us: