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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions about sending a PupPals message:

  • Who can receive an AKC PupPals message? +

    Anyone over the age of 18 can receive an AKC PupPals message! This program is designed to bring happiness to people who are struggling through a difficult time. We just ask that if you are interested in sending a PupPals message to a minor, instead, send it to their parent/guardian. If the intended recipient is unable to receive videos, please contact:


  • When I send a PupPals message, will I get to pick the video that is sent to my nominee? +

    Unfortunately, no. We do not have the ability to let you choose which adorable video your nominee receives. But we promise they’re all incredibly smile-worthy!

  • Will the PupPals dog owner receive information or communicate with the recipient? +

    Once a dog’s owner submits their video and information, there’s no additional communication each time their video is sent. We do this to make sure that personal information from all sides—the sender, the recipient, and the dog owner—is kept confidential.


  • As a teacher, can I sign my student up to receive a PupPals message? +

    Along with a child’s parent, a teacher is often the first to know that a child is having a hard time. We encourage any teacher/coach etc. who believes a minor would benefit from this program to send the PupPals message to the child’s parent/guardian.


  • How long will it take for my PupPals message to arrive? +

    PupPals messages are usually sent digitally within approximately 8-10 business days.



FAQs for those interested in volunteering to write PupPals cards:


  • Who can volunteer to write PupPals cards? +

    Anyone can help write PupPals cards, however, the person in charge of applying and organizing this must be an adult. For example, an adult can organize a volunteer event at a school or youth organization where minors can help write and decorate PupPals cards. The adult would be responsible for receiving the cards, explaining the instructions to volunteers, and returning the cards once completed.


  • Who are PupPals Cards sent to? +

    PupPals cards are sent to communities and organizations who are need of uplifting. Some examples are: hospitals, military bases, communities experiencing tragic loss, and others.


  • How long will it take for me to receive the box of cards? +

    It will typically take 5 – 10 business days unless our team is traveling for an AKC event.


  • How much time will I have to write the cards? +

    There is no specific deadline, however, we do ask that you try to complete the PupPals cards within 1 month of receiving them. This ensures that we have cards readily available to send to recipients. 


  • Can I write a custom message in the cards? +

    To ensure that each PupPals’ individual story is consistent and accurate, we have provided a template with specific information on each PupPals that should not be changed. Feel free to unleash your artistic abilities by getting creative with decorations and drawings in the card.


Any further questions or concerns please contact us: