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Canine Good Citizen class being held at an AKC Canine Retreat in 2019.

Training Resources

When you start your Canine Good Citizen™  journey, you’re doing more than just teaching your dog ten skills to ensure they’re a good companion. You’re strengthening your bond and providing them with mental and physical exercise, as well as a healthy dose of socialization. 

You can begin your CGC training with your dog at home or in formal classes. All you need is love, patience and tons of praise. To ensure your dog has proper socialization and expert training, we suggest exploring the options for CGC group classes in your area, or searching for private trainers nearby. If you’d like to get a jumpstart with training on your own, browse our video series to get tips and tricks, but be sure your pup still has plenty of opportunities to socialize with other dogs in group situations. The socialization aspects are the components where most dogs struggle to pass the ten skills on the exam—and we all want your dog to be an A+ student!

Find Classes

Group classes have trainers who are experts in finding a common language so you and your dog can communicate better together. Click the link to search for classes in your area to build your dog’s social skill set.

Find a Trainer

AKC CGC Approved Evaluators have the skills, experience, and time-tested patience to teach you and your dog everything you need to earn your CGC certificate. If you feel like you and your dog would benefit from some specialized, one-on-one attention, finding a trainer in your area can be beneficial. Many local AKC dog clubs have trainers that are able to guide you through the CGC training, as well as introduce you and your dog to more advanced dog sports – like agility or tracking. Not only are trainers well versed in how to train you and your dog, but most are AKC CGC Approved Evaluators, so when you’re ready to take the test, it’s with a friendly face.


From sit to stay, down to come, the video series is a great first stop for training your dog in the ten required CGC skills. Remember, when training your dog at home, you’ll still need to make time for plenty of socialization, either through group classes or at your favorite dog park.