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Labrador retriever being hugged by a woman sitting next to it.

About AKC Vetline

AKC Vetline is a live telephone service that offers 24/7 health advice from licensed veterinary staff and pet professionals. Vetline provides trustworthy info regarding your pet’s health whenever and wherever you need it.

For $99/yr Vetline can support you through every health-related question. Not sure whether your dog’s strange behavior warrants a trip to the vet? Or has your dog ever eaten something he shouldn’t? Vetline connects pet owners to expert advice in just one call. *

What is included in AKC Vetline?

AKC Vetline gives you immediate expert advice to help keep your pets happy and healthy. The service is designed to advise pet owners on all health-related issues, including when an incident is severe enough to warrant an emergency vet visit.

Services include:

    • Answers to questions regarding general pet health, parasite prevention, illness and injury, poison issues, and nutrition. *
    • Advice on whether you should take your dog to the vet or seek further medical attention for a potential problem.
    • Access to veterinarians, licensed veterinary techs, toxicologists, and other pet-care professionals.
    • 24/7 unlimited access via a toll-free phone number.

General Health Questions

AKC Vetline experts can help advise you on general questions related to your dog’s health and overall wellbeing. Our licensed veterinary staff are equipped to answer inquiries regarding pet health, parasite prevention, illness and injury, poison issues, nutrition, and more!

Determine Veterinary Attention

AKC Vetline experts can help you determine if the severity of your dog’s health problem requires further medical attention. With unnecessary vet visits ranging from $100 – 200 per visit, AKC Vetline can help you decide if taking your dog to a local veterinary practice is the right choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got AKC Vetline questions? We’ve got the answers! Check out our frequently asked questions section to explore more about our service.

AKC Vet's Corner


Want more information about your dogs health? Tune in to the AKC’s Vet’s Corner series for helpful tips and tricks on all thing health-related.

Ready to access AKC Vetline? Sign up today for $99/ year for instant access to a team of licensed veterinary staff and pet professionals available 24/7. Gain unlimited access to answers about your pet's health.

We are very happy with our Vetline subscription. I often worry if I am making the right decision regarding my dog Mickey's health, but since purchasing Vetline my worries have been at ease! The staff are always happy and excited to advise me on things like his daily exercise routine, diet issues, and even had let me know when a problem with his ear would require a vet visit. Will Purchase Again!
Tom & Mickey
Our dog Lulu was struggling with some pretty severe seasonal allergy symptoms. Vetline gave us ideas to provide immediate relief for Lulu's symptoms, as well as long term options to discuss with our vet such as medications that might be available to help Lulu deal with her allergy issues. We love that Vetline is available 24/7 to answer any questions we have and to give us the advice and support we need when dealing with our furry friends!
Katherine & Lulu
I want to give a big THANK YOU to the AKC Vetline staff. My experience calling in could not have been better. I initially called to get some more information on issues with flea and tick control Sasha was experiencing. They were able to answer my questions and give me advice on how to solve this issue better. Since then, I have called in many times about different concerns, and the staff have ALWAYS been companionate and knowledgeable.
Teresa & Sasha

*Please note that the AKC Vetline cannot prescribe or recommend medications, diagnose diseases, provide “second opinions”, or provide any other medical advice that necessitates a corresponding physical exam and/or legal veterinary-client-patient relationship. They will be able to field questions surrounding triage of an ill animal to help the pet owner determine if the pet needs immediate veterinary intervention. Additionally, they will be able to answer questions regarding general health, parasite prevention, illness and injury, poison issues, and nutrition. For the full Terms & Conditions for AKC Vetline, please click here.