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You Can Keep Your Pooch from Digging up the Daisies

April showers bring May flowers—but all that work can be ruined when one determined dog gets to it.

We asked our Facebook followers for advice for when gardening efforts are hindered by a hairy horticulturist. Here are some of the suggestions we received:

  • When planting inedible plants, bury the dog’s feces near the plant just beneath the soil. Usually, they won’t disturb their own poo.
  • Put red pepper on the soil. The smell should send the puppy away.
  • Putting that cheap green fence around the bed will stop them, and when the flowers bloom, the fence just fades from view.
  • Using pinecones in the bedding keeps pups and cats out and looks awesome. 


Check out a playlist of some training and behavior resources we have compiled. 

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