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Dogs’ amazing abilities were on display at the Purina Pro Plan® Incredible Dog Challenge® (IDC) National Finals. Pro Plan congratulates the 2022 IDC champions, as well as all the talented individuals, both canine and human, who competed.

Find out when and how to watch the IDC.

Get a Sneak Peek at the IDC Competition

2022 Incredible Dog Challenge Events

Get to know each Purina Pro Plan IDC event so you can follow along on TV.


Speed, precision, and teamwork make for a successful run over, through, and around a variety of jumps, A-frames, tunnels, and other obstacles.

Diving Dog

A toy is thrown into the water while the dog waits on a dock approximately 40 feet long. On command, they will run down the dock and jump in to fetch the toy; the goal is to have the longest jump.


Speed, dexterity, and focus are key in this head-to-head race. Two dogs weave through a 30-weave-pole course as fast as they can without missing a pole.

Freestyle Flying Disc

Canines and humans team up to perform air maneuvers and amazing tricks in this event.

Fetch It!

Running off a 40-f0ot-long stage, dogs will attempt to catch or knock down a bumper hanging four feet above the water.

Terrier Races

Six terriers jump three obstacles and race through a foam tunnel to see who can hit the finish line first.

Surf Dog

Wearing life jackets, dogs try to surf waves with their handlers’ help.

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