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If you and your dog like to play with a flying disc, you’ll be wowed by these dog athletes taking it to new heights. Disc Dog is an exciting, fast-paced, fun sport that all dogs and people can enjoy on many different levels.

Also known as UpDog, competitions have taken the basic game of fetch with a flying disc and expanded it into a whole bunch of fun games. Four of those games — Frizgility, Time Warp, Spaced Out, and Far Out — are played as part of the AKC Disc Dog Challenge, presented by The Farmer’s Dog to figure out which dog was the best with the flying disc.

The competition takes place on May 21 in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and you can watch all the action unfold on TV.

How to Watch the AKC Disc Dog Challenge

You can watch all the action from the AKC Disc Dog Challenge, presented by The Farmer’s Dog on ESPN2 on Saturday, June 17 at 5 p.m. EST by tuning in to ESPN2 on your TV or by signing in on any device. The broadcast will be hosted by sportscaster and commentator Carolyn Manno, with analysis by Jason Rigler, and sideline reporting by Bill Ellis.

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How Does Disc Dog Work?

Disc Dog and the UpDog Challenge have a variety of games offered. Currently, UpDog Challenge includes eight disc-only games as well as three disc+agility games. The addition of agility obstacles is a unique feature that helps to encourage canine athletes from different disciplines to give this sport a try.

For the AKC Disc Dog Challenge, presented by The Farmer’s Dog, four of these games were played. Here’s how they work:


An agility-driven game where dogs must maneuver through 3 obstacles before completing a catch in the catch zone, with the obstacle/catch routine repeated as often as possible in 60 seconds.

Time Warp

A fast-paced event where dog and owner must complete three catches (one in each highlighted zone), with owner, dog, and disc subsequently converging back behind the start line, all in under 60 seconds.


Don’t get greedy! Handlers can throw to any zone without repeating back-to-back. Catches earn different points in different zones. Teams must complete one catch from all four throwing zones before time runs out, or they lose everything.

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Far Out

In this long-distance game, you throw the flying disc three times, accumulating points with each throw, then you get a “sweet shot” (bonus throw), which can replace your lowest-scoring throw. The team with the highest point total wins.

Want to Get Involved in Disc Dog?

If seeing Disc Dog on TV has gotten you excited about participating with your own dog, getting started is easier than you think. The best way is to find a club near you that offers classes, and determine which games are best for you and your dog.

If you’re not ready to go to a class, many clubs host online classes and seminars, and you can try practicing with a flying disc at home.

Learn more about UpDog and the UpDog Challenge, including more about events in your area, UpDog games, and more!

Don’t think Disc Dog is for you? Don’t worry! There are many dog sports that are suitable for dogs of all ages and abilities.

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