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Every year the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show comes to New York City to celebrate dogs, breeders, owners, handlers, and all others who are a part of a dog's journey.

This year we had some wonderful moments, made some history, and crowned another champion.

Come with us as we take a walk through a dog's biggest nights.


Monday, 6:59 PM
Madison Square Garden was ready, waiting in eager anticipation for the fans and, more importantly, the dogs to arrive.


Monday, 8:05 PM
A beautiful rendition of the national anthem kicked off the evening.


Monday, 8:22 PM
Before the groups got started, we asked you who you were most excited to see and you told us.


Monday, 8:40 PM
And then it all began, the Hound Group took the ring.


Monday, 8:51 PM
A beautiful Borzoi named Lucy took the group.


Monday, 8:58 PM
Then we were on to the Toy Group.


Monday, 9:23 PM
Panda the Shih Tzu took that group with style and grace.


Monday, 9:56 PM
And then it was the Non-Sporting Group's turn.


Monday, 10:04 PM
This group was given to a pretty Bulldog named Annabelle; she was an undeniable fan favorite.


Monday, 10:16 PM
Then came the final group of night one, the Herding Group.


Monday, 10:24 PM
We caught up with the Bergamasco before the judging, one of the seven breeds making their Westminster debut this year.


Monday, 11:01 PM
It was Rumor, the German Shepherd Dog and winner of the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in December, who won the group.


Tuesday, 12:34 AM
We were lucky enough to meet her after the show.


Tuesday, 5:10 PM
And just like that we were on to day two! The city lit up the Empire State Building in honor of the show.


Tuesday, 6:13 PM
We made our way back to The Garden for one final night.


Tuesday, 7:34 PM
First up were the Junior Handlers.


Tuesday, 7:53 PM
It was Sophia Rogers and her American Foxhound who won.


Tuesday, 7:32 PM
Again, before the groups got started, we asked you who you were most excited to see and you told us.


Tuesday, 8:05 PM
And then our first group of the night, the Sporting Group, entered the ring.


Tuesday, 8:26 PM
Where we saw this.


Tuesday, 8:25 PM
And this.


Tuesday, 8:52 PM
Ultimately, CJ the German Shorthaired Pointer was awarded first place in the group.


Tuesday, 9:03 PM
On to the Working Group we went.


Tuesday, 9:19 PM
We saw this guy try to steal all the snacks.


Tuesday, 9:28 PM
And one epic shake.


Tuesday, 9:39 PM
But it was a smiling Samoyed named Bogie that took the group victory.


Tuesday, 9:39 PM
Finally, it was the Terriers turn to take the ring and close out the show.


Tuesday, 9:47 PM
We met a dog named Bacon, whose favorite toy is a stuffed pig named Clarence.


Tuesday, 10:13 PM
And this happy pup.


Tuesday, 10:28 PM
And a familiar face, Charlie the Skye Terrier, won the group.


Tuesday, 10:32 PM
Now it was time for Best In Show and we were all pretty excited.


Tuesday, 10:44 PM
And all the beautiful group winners did a lap around the ring for the judge.


Tuesday, 10:51 PM
And Panda messed up her hair real good.


Tuesday, 10:54 PM
After a careful look, the judge deliberated.


Tuesday, 11:09 PM
And CJ was announced as the 140th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Best In Show.


Tuesday, 10:55 PM
Let's all watch him run around looking handsome.


Tuesday, 11:45 PM
His win was extra special because it's been 33 years since a breeder, owner, handler has won Best In Show.


Wednesday, 12:45 AM
Way to go, CJ!
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