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The AKC Humane Fund, a non-profit committed to protecting pets, supporting worthy pet-related organizations, and honoring the human-animal bond, is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2018. In honor of this significant milestone, we look back on the Fund’s 10 proudest moments (in no particular order!)

1. Creation of the Spurling ScholarshipThis marked the first time that AKC honored veterinary technicians, a field that hadn’t really been recognized before. Individuals pursuing studies in veterinary medicine, veterinary technology, physical therapy, animal care, animal behavior, grooming, and training may be eligible for this grant.

2. When the Humane Fund began giving grants to women’s shelters. The Fund provides financial assistance to domestic abuse shelters that accept pets. Grants are awarded for essential operational support relating to the housing of pets or capital improvements specifically for the housing and maintenance of pets. The Fund has contributed to more than 120 such shelters over the past 10 years.

akc humane fund3. The awarding of the Pepsi Refresh Grant to the Humane Fund. The AKC used this grant to create educational material for the Fund that tells shelters about grant opportunities.

4. Creation of the Rumble scholarship. A fancier chose the Humane Fund to honor a beloved dog, and now the scholarship is being used to fund Juniors.

5. Presenting the 2013 Service Dog ACE Award to a Golden Retriever named Tuesday. The growing role that service dogs play in the rehabilitation of wounded war veterans was personified by Tuesday, a service dog that helped mend his owner’s broken spirit. The pair received a standing ovation when they accepted the award at the 2013 AKC National Championship in Orlando, Fla.

akc humane fund
Tuesday and his owner, Luis Carlos Montalvan, in 2013.

6. Awards given through the Sandy FundThis fund supports organizations that are performing disaster relief services in their communities, and recently aided the work being done in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico following Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

7. Being selected to join SurveyMonkey ContributeOver $29,000 has been raised for the Fund through the site, which drives donations to charities through public surveys. It’s been instrumental in educating people about the important work being done by the non-profit.

8. The day the Humane Fund ran out of wall space. The Founders’ Wall had to be expanded due to an increase in donations. The plaques now take over a large portion of the lobby in AKC’s New York City headquarters.

akc humane fund

9. Funding the AKC LibraryThe AKC Board determined that the Library, which was established in 1934 and has grown into one of the largest canine libraries in the world, would become a part of the Humane Fund.

10. Creation of the Manchester Terrier Grant. This marked the first time a donor requested a grant for his breed. The American Manchester Terrier Rescue has been awarded the grant eight times.

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