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11 Things Only Yorkshire Terrier Owners Understand

You’re constantly forcing a smile when someone says, “Wow, she must be ferocious!” while out on a walk.


Forget to wipe his eye boogers off for a day or two? Be prepared for Stinky Face.

That high-pitched yap that pierces through into your ear drum, through your brain, and into your soul.


Bath time isn’t only distressing for your dog. With each wash in the tub you question if you actually own a rat.


Your dog was taught at an early age to get used to being picked up, riding in a purse, wearing outfits and bows, and getting attention from strangers.


But you know better than to baby them. Bold and brazen, they’re not called “The Tomboy Toy” for nothing.


You no longer own your couch or bed, your Yorkie does. He may allow you to share, but he gets first pick on pillows.


You’ll dress like Dorothy every Halloween (even though Toto was technically a Cairn Terrier. SHHH, we won’t tell).


Yorkies have no time for inconvenience, if food is not cut up perfectly or a toy has been moved across the room, expect to correct each “error” or else.


You’ll never understand how show people manage to keep the coats and topknots so perfect…

(Nailed it!)


Watching their hair get lighter is as bittersweet as watching your child start dating, and driving, and going to college.

Your baby is growing up!


Read more about the Yorkshire Terrier here.
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