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By: Rachel Knuttel


Fall brings not only pumpkin spice everything and cooler temperatures, but a chance to break out the plaid, the sweaters, and all of those other great fall fashion items. But who says that humans are the only ones who get to have fun with the autumn trends? Here are a few great items (all of which can be purchased easily through Amazon) that will step up your pooch's style this season!

This adorable grey hoodie (complete with a pocket) will keep your pet cozy and warm.

This checkered shirt/grey sweater combo will definitely step up your dog's fashion game.

This fleece vest will draw the eyes of all the neighbor dogs.

This double-sided bandanna with leaves and turkeys will make sure your pup is prepared for every family get-together.

This jack-o-lantern bandanna will have leave trick-or-treaters stunned by your dog's level of cute.

This adorable scarf will help drive away those chilly winds and look fabulous at the same time.

This denim hooded jacket just screams fashion forward (and fall)!
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