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In recent years, the French Bulldog has blossomed in popularity, becoming America’s most sought-after breed in 2022. With their bat-like ears, flat faces, and compact frames, the Frenchie is instantly recognizable: and absolutely adorable.

As with any pet, read up on their specific needs and traits to make sure that a French Bulldog is the right pup for you. Bringing home a dog is a massive commitment, so it’s vital that you make the most informed decision possible. When you decide you are ready to add a Frenchie to your family, check our list of perfect names below!


Adeline is a classic French name that derives from Adèle, which means “noble.” A diminutive name, Adeline would work well for this petite yet proud pup.

French bulldog with tennis ball
HollyAA/Getty Images Plus

Crème Brûlée

Frenchies are downright sweet, so why not channel a French dessert when naming your pup? Crème brûlée is a delicious custard treat topped by hard, caramelized sugar. The food’s color even matches the cream coloring of some French Bulldogs.

French Toast

Spoiler alert: the French probably didn’t invent this delightful breakfast. Regardless, this sweet dish would make a perfect name for a French Bulldog.


One of Hollywood’s most famous French Bulldogs was Gary, the beloved companion of legendary Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher. Now living with the late Fisher’s assistant, Gary is a wonderful namesake for a burgeoning canine superstar.


Eighteen different French kings bore the regal name of Louis. So whether your pup has his own throne-like bed or just rules the roost with an iron paw, try out this kingly moniker.

French Bulldog laying down in a dog bed at home.
©Patryk Kosmider -


In the 19th century, breeders began to develop the French Bulldog from the original Bulldog. Consider paying origins to the Frenchie’s British origins by naming your pup after the legendary wizard Merlin.


The famed artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec enjoyed painting a Frenchie named Bouboule. The pup’s owner, Madame Palmyre, owned an iconic Parisian bar called La Souris, which translates to “the Mouse” in English. The name would be perfect for a small, gray French Bulldog.


This bright, energetic name springs off the tongue, just like a Frenchie on a walk. Plus, it is a nickname for Philippa, which derives, in part, from the Greek word for love. And Frenchies are deeply affectionate canines.


Frenchies are little but strong. These qualities are reminiscent of the beloved cartoon Popeye the Sailor Man…once he eats his spinach, that is!

Prince Charming

One quality used to describe a Frenchie is “charming.” So this prince of pups surely deserves a moniker worthy of his winsome appeal, straight out of a (furry) fairy tale.

French Bulldog
Romie DeCosta


In addition to being charming, Frenchies are often playful. One of the most impish characters in literature is the sprite Puck from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Surely the dog and this otherworldly fairy would have a lot to chat about!


British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was nicknamed “the British Bulldog” for his determination. Since Frenchies are descendants of Bulldogs, too, Winston makes a great name for such a powerful pup.

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