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French Bulldog puppy head portrait outdoors.
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Are you searching for a world-class lapdog with irresistible looks? The French Bulldog is for you! Those distinctive bat ears, wrinkly faces, and sturdy little bodies are guaranteed to bring smiles to the faces of passersby.

What really wins hearts is the Frenchie’s entertaining and affectionate nature. This is a dog that’s born to be your companion. They’re smart, playful, and think your lap is the best place on earth. But the Frenchie has many other winning qualities.

The French Bulldog Is a Surprisingly Good Watchdog

Although not yappy, they’ll bark to let you know if someone’s at the door. The breed can be a little territorial, but that’s where their job ends: don’t expect them to be a guard dog.

Frenchies Are Adaptable

From an apartment to a country house, French Bulldogs are happy in a variety of living environments. They aren’t a particularly athletic breed and are perfectly happy with daily walks and maybe a bit of an outdoor romp to keep them in shape.

French Bulldog giving a kiss to another French Bulldog on the couch.
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They’re an Ideal Companion Dog

They’re the best pal for singles, families with kids, couples, anyone. Playful, loyal, and loving, they require minimal grooming and exercise.

Frenchies Are Relatively Easy to Train

Despite a reputation for stubbornness, they’re eager to please and enjoy being the center of attention.

French Bulldogs Earned Their Reputation for Stubbornness

Nobody’s perfect. But, with a little patience and the proper motivation (treats), they’re willing to learn. Turn training into a game, and your French Bulldog is all in.

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Those Bulldog Jaws Are Powerful

Choose indestructible toys for your French Bulldog and expect a vigorous game of tug-of-war. Although you can pry those jaws open if necessary, your Frenchie will hold on to their target and may tear it apart.

Frenchies Require Minimal Grooming

The French Bulldog’s coat sheds minimally and doesn’t require a lot of grooming. Weekly brushing with a medium-bristle brush or rubber grooming mitt should help keep their smooth coat looking its best.

French Bulldogs Are Good With Strangers

This charming breed enjoys making new friends and gets along well with other dogs and humans. Like all dogs, Frenchies should be supervised for interactions and introductions with unfamiliar dogs or people, but most are very fond of people.

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Frenchies Are Prone to Obesity

Like any other dogs, French Bulldogs should be fed a high-quality dog food appropriate to their age. Frenchie owners should give their dogs treats in moderation and avoid giving them table scraps.

French Bulldogs Have Appeared in Famous Artwork

In the late 19th and early 20th century, famous post-Impressionist painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec painted several French Bulldogs. His most famous canine subject was “Bouboule,” a Frenchie belonging to Madame Palmyre, the owner of the famous café La Souris.

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