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It's that oh so spooky time of the year again. Where there's Halloween, there's costumes and who better to get in the spirit of scaring with than your dog? And to make things even cuter, why not let your kids and dog match?! By the prickling of my thumbs, something fluffy this way comes.

Wonder Women

Female power! And with the Wonder Woman movie coming out next year, these costumes are perfectly on trend.


Zookeeper and Lion

You have to have a zookeeper to keep that rowdy lion in check….or at least to walk him.


Owen from 'Jurassic World' and a Dinosaur

Owen saved the day in 'Jurassic World,' by well-training his dinosaurs. Maybe your pair can do the same!


Rey from 'Star Wars' and Bantha

May the force be with you in these costumes!



You guys will have to be on the look out for any Pokemon trainers when you dress up in these Pikachu costumes. Don't let 'em catch you!


Agnes from 'Despicable Me' and a Minion

This pair will be sure to cause some trouble dressed as these 'Despicable Me' characters. You might also catch them hunting down some bananas.



Who ya gunna call?! These two ghost catchers, obviously.



Ahoy matey! You'll be walking the plank with these costumes.


They'll be sending out the Bat-signal for these two to save the city.


Harley Quinn and the Joker

Arguably the best characters in the super-popular 'Suicide Squad,' you guys will be Halloween stars in these costumes.


Want more Halloween costume fun? We've got costumes for small dogs, big dogs, and everything in between. Check out our comprehensive costume guide for dogs here.

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