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Which Toys Are Safe?

Trying to figure out which chew toys are safe for your puppy?  With all that puppy curiosity and energy, it might be safe to assume that he is going to do all he can to rip the toy apart and swallow whatever pieces of it that he can. Therefore, it’s best not to give him items with parts that might be harmful if swallowed.

Unsafe Toys

It’s best to stay away from the following toys. These toys can be harmful if swallowed and may cause digestion or intestinal problems.

  • Items with small or sharp metal parts such as pins, springs, or batteries.
  • Long strips or fibers, such as strings or thin ribbon.
  • Nylon hose can be dangerous if swallowed.
  • Cooked real bones of any kind. Cooked bones break into tiny, highly abrasive fragments that damage the digestive tract over time.
  • Sheets of plastic film (e.g., garbage bags) can cause choking.
  • Chewies made of large pieces or knots of rawhide. Swallowed pieces of these often cause intestinal obstructions.
  • Thin, squeaky-type rubber pet toys. Dogs who are vigorous chewers can swallow these toys whole, swallow large pieces of them, or swallow the metal squeakers inside.
  • Soft toys with foam stuffing.

german shepherd with ball

 “OK To Chew” Toys

These toys should be safe for your puppy. But make sure to always keep an eye on your dog, just in case.

  • Artificial bones made of hard nylon. Many of these are designed to help with teething.
  • Balls and chew toys made of hard rubber. Many of these are designed to hide bits of kibble in and can entertain your pup for extended periods.
  • Knots of thick rope
  • Artificial bones made of rawhide particles pressed together, or of other material designed to be safely swallowed.
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