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Expert Advice: Products & Accessories 7 Products to Help Keep Your Dog Cool on Hot Days
As we celebrate the beginning of summer, it's important to keep our canine companions in mind, especially when the weather gets hot and steamy. Don’t sweat it — we’ve got what you need to help your dog stay cool and comfortable. Cooling Dog Bowl Cool Pup Portable Bowl This bowl folds into a pouch and […] | June 11, 2019
Expert Advice: Home & Living How to Create an Indoor Playroom for Your Dog
As many pet owners know, a bored dog with energy to burn is often a naughty dog. One secret to a well-behaved pup is making sure he has enough appropriate mental and physical stimulation every day. Otherwise, he may find his own forms of entertainment, such as figuring out how the cupboard door works or […] | January 17, 2019
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Expert Advice: Lifestyle Spoil Your Dog With These High-Tech Products
Most pet owners have probably said at one point or another that they prefer their dog over most people. Well, thanks to a plethora of high-tech products on the market, spoiling our pups has never been easier. Here are some cool items to check out. PETKIT Dog Bowl This digital, machine-washable feeding bowl has a […] | August 10, 2018
Expert Advice: Lifestyle 7 Fun and Safe Ways to Spoil Your Dog
One of the joys of owning a dog is being able to pamper him with treats and fun activities. If you're looking to give your canine companion some extra-special love and attention, here are seven ways to safely spoil him. 1. Give Your Dog a Frozen Treat on a Hot Day Just like us, dogs […] | August 10, 2018
Expert Advice: Home & Living Traveling to the Beach This Summer? Pack a Go-Bag for Your Dog
If you’re planning to hit the beach with your dog this summer, a go-bag full of essentials can make all the difference. Scroll down for products your pup can use in the surf, sun, and sand! Dog Sunscreen Ice on Ice Spray With Sunscreen Although we don’t usually think of the beach as good for […] | June 7, 2018
Expert Advice: Training The Right Treats Make the Best Reward: How to Choose
There are many ways to reward your dog for a job well done. Throwing a tennis ball might be great at the end of a long “stay,” or a romp in the backyard after practicing “wait” by the door. But food treats are often the most convenient and effective way to influence your dog’s behavior. […] | May 25, 2018

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