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A hunting dog that doesn’t compromise a bit of cuteness, the Beagle is a happy-go-lucky, loyal breed. They are known to be friendly, curious, and irresistibly adorable thanks to their floppy ears, unique coats, and pouty faces. The Beagle makes for the perfect picture of a traditional hound dog and has been a favorite breed of families for years.

Before settling on bringing home a Beagle of your own, take a look at the breed’s unique needs. It’s always important to discuss breed-specific care with your breeder or rescue before taking home a pet. And if a Beagle is in fact your perfect match, then we have some great name ideas for your new best bud:


The Beagle is one of the most popular hound dogs among American families. So, a good old Americana name like Ace sounds just about right. Ace is an English name and literally means “number one” or “best”.


Beagles have a beautiful howl and like other hound dogs, may even join in when you sing or play an instrument—whether your talent is Grammy-worthy or not. Adele is a German name and means nobility.


Who doesn’t love a food-inspired pet name? Bagel the Beagle not only has a nice ring to it, but could also make a nice name choice for music fans. Barry Manilow not only had two Beagles named Bagel and Biscuit, but also chose the breed as models for numerous album covers.


Beagles are loyal to their core and love their people. If you have a Beagle as a pet, you’ll most likely have an ever-present shadow as well. Buddy can make for a great moniker for the little Beagle who will always be by your side.


The origin of the Beagle is not as concrete as other breeds. Some believe that the Beagle has French ties. Charlotte is a sweet name for a Beagle pup and means “petite” or “little” in French.


Beagles also have presumed ties to England, and have been described as the “foothound of our country, indigenous to the soil,” by an English authority figure. Winston Churchill is an iconic English British Statesman and makes for a charming Beagle name.

Beagle puppies running and playing in a field.


The Voyage of the Beagle” was a vivid travel memoir penned by Charles Darwin. Darwin had been a passenger on an expedition ship named the Beagle. He traveled for a total of five years, spending a combination of his time on land and at sea and he recorded his observations to create this book.


A regal name for a Beagle who is worthy of all of life’s splendors, including your favorite pair of shoes. That name could also link back to the breed’s potential English origin.


Animal-inspired pet names are always a fun, playful way to go about naming your pet. Bonus points: this one rhymes with Beagle!


Felicity is an English name that means “happiness”. Beagles are known for their merry demeanor, not to mention the happiness they are sure to bring to their new family.


A multicultural name that has various origins including Spanish, Portuguese, English, German and Hebrew, Felix means “happy” or “joy”; another great Beagle name choice for a friendly, joyous pup.


The Beagle is a hunting dog after all. Most commonly used to hunt rabbits, Beagles were a favorite for those who hunted on-foot instead of on horseback. They were easier to keep up with, because of their small stature in comparison to larger hunting dog breeds.


A great Beagle name for a dog with a few pussy-cat siblings, Josie could be short for Josephine, which is an English name that means “God will increase”.


The breed has French and English suspected origins, but also Gaelic ties too. That’s why we love Lucky as a classic Beagle name choice.

Mr. Tweed

Can’t you just picture a little Beagle in a Tweed hat and jacket? The moniker of Mr. Tweed seems to have just the right amount of playfulness and sophistication that’s fitting of the breed.


A famous Beagle name idea that hails from the popular Sci-Fi favorite, Star Trek. Porthos is also a fictional character from “The Three Musketeers” novels.


Another name that nods to the breeds’ hunting origins. Scout is a cute Beagle name that also has literary ties for the book lover, as Scout was the name of a main character in Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”.


A favorite fictional Beagle character from the ’90s hit movie that was also titled Shiloh, the name literally means “peace”.


Did you know that Snoopy was a Beagle? This Beagle name choice could be the most appropriate of all if you are also a Charlie Brown fan!


Always sure to be by your side and attend to your needs for cuddles, Squire can make for a cute name choice for a little Beagle buddy.

To share your life with a Beagle is to share your life with one of the most loyal companions. Learn more about your new best bud and check out these fun Beagle facts you might not know!

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