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Bred to work in the steep mountains and fertile fields of Switzerland, Bernese Mountain Dogs are hardy dogs. But their tough constitution and large size are matched by their cheerful and loving personalities, which charm owners worldwide. Good with kids and adults, BMDs are a giant dose of fun for the family.

Before bringing home your Bernese Mountain Dog, be sure to research what it takes to own this breed. After all, having a dog is a lifetime commitment and responsibility. But once you choose to add a Berner your life, use this guide to Bernese Mountain Dog names to select the perfect moniker.


This Swiss city is both historic and a dynamic and exciting place to visit. The birthplace of the annual Art Basel fair, Basel boasts museums and institutions of higher learning galore. What better way to honor the Berner’s home country than with the name of a major Swiss hotspot?

Bernese Mountain Dog RNC
Photo by Pix 'n' Pages ©American Kennel Club


The Swiss Alps offer skiing par excellence. There, the likes of famed ski racer Bode Miller have enjoyed fresh powder and breathtaking views on the slopes. Pay homage to this American Winter Olympian hero by giving your pet his first name.


Switzerland is just as famous for its food as its breathtaking scenery. One of its tastiest exports is cheesein particular, a tasty variety replete with holes, which is called Emmentaler. This delicious bit of dairy dates back centuries and is still being produced and exported globally today. A modern canine take on the name might be “Emmy.”


Heidi, a classic novel about a young child growing up in the Swiss Alps, has stood the test of time. The titular character, a five-year-old girl, adores her remote life. But when she goes off to Frankfurt (now in Germany), she dreams of returning home to her mountain idyll. This Swiss icon is a charming namesake for your dog.

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The namesake of the famous Disneyland rollercoaster, the Matterhorn mountain perches between Switzerland and Italy. This stunning peak is bold and beautiful: just like a BMD.


This adorable and antlered animal is closely associated with mountains all over the world. It might not currently reside in Switzerland, but it might make a memorable moniker for your new addition. Plus, its sizable frame might be reminiscent of a Berner’s.


Naming humans after admirable people might be a way of channeling that icon’s virtues. Surely the same is true for dogs. Nelly the Bernese Mountain Dog represented her breed’s versatility to the fullest, earning Conformation, Obedience, Draft Dog, and Rally titles, among her many accomplishments.


Another ski-inspired moniker is Picabo, named for Olympic champion Picabo Street. The Idaho athlete dominated downhill racing in the ’90s and 2000s and became an inspiration for women worldwide.

Bernese Mountain Dog standing in fall leaves.
©Mikkel Bigandt -


A pivotal figure in the Bernese Mountain Dog’s history was Albert Heim. This professor formed a club for Swiss breeds in 1907, which helped revitalize the BMD. Since Heim was a geologist, and Switzerland is full of mountains, why honor both man and country with this “Rocky” name?


In 2021, Teddy the Bernese Mountain Dog won the AKC Award for Canine Excellence in the Therapy Dog category, along with his owners, the Brown family. An accredited Therapy Dog, Teddy also works as a K-9 First Responder with his handler, Caleigh.


What better name for a sweet dog than a name channeling Switzerland’s sweetest export: chocolate? World-famous Toblerone bars were originally produced in Bern, which also gives the Bernese Mountain Dog its name. Try “Toby” as a shortened version of “Toblerone.”

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