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They're a versatile sporting dog breed, retrievers on land or water, and of course, they're the most affectionate of companions. What's not to love about the German Shorthaired Pointer?

You know a GSP when you see one and if you own one, there are certain statements that ring all too true. Check out these ten things that only GSP owners will understand.

1. Your striking dog can do it all. He has boundless energy and can keep going and going. Sometimes, it's hard to keep up.



2. There's nothing you throw that your dog won't retrieve. Your GSP has the strongest retriever instincts and he learned how to fetch as a puppy almost instantly.


Photo courtesy of Toni Boyd, AKC Breeder of Merit


3. Well, they've got you covered…with hair that is. If you're wearing white, your dog will get his brown hair on you. If you're wearing something dark, he'll get white on you. You can't win…and therefore you own a ton of lint rollers.



4. Your dog is a Velcro companion. You bonded immediately and he loves to go wherever you go: hiking, swimming, anywhere.



5. The movement of your dog's tail can tell tales! Whatever he's feeling, especially pure joy and excitement, you can tell from that tail.



6. Nothing gets past your dog's nose. Not only is he highly intelligent, but he's got an incredible power of scent. Whether he's sniffing out during a hunt or smelling what you're having for dinner, his nose knows all.



7. Food is the ultimate reward for your GSP. He's super smart and willing to please you…especially when you have a nice snack to share.



8. They're called pointers for a reason. Any GSP owner has seen their dog in the pointer pose.


Photo courtesy of Kirsten Fulk, AKC Breeder of Merit


9. You're used to short and sweet training sessions with your dog. He's brilliant, but needs time to rest after giving complete focus.



10. You think you've seen weird dog sleeping positions? Not compared to what a GSP owner sees everyday! Your GSP will sleep curled in a ball, sprawled out on his back, you name it.


Photo courtesy of Sandra Maks, AKC Breeder of Merit


Think of anything we missed that all GSP owners understand? Let us know on Facebook!

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