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hypoallergenic dogs
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Dog Myths Debunked: Does a Completely Hypoallergenic Dog Exist?
Some allergy sufferers are at a disadvantage when it comes to owning pets. As much as we may love dogs, constant allergy symptoms grow tiresome and can even be dangerous in severe cases, when people are allergic to dog dander. That doesn't stop many dog enthusiasts with allergies from looking for alternatives. A quick Internet […] | September 10, 2018
Expert Advice: Breeding Tips & Best Practices Tips From a Breeder: How to Beat the Summer Heat With a Black Dog
  Keeping our companions cool in summertime is a struggle for all dog owners, particularly for those of us whose breed of choice has a dark-colored or black coat, such as the Schipperke. Although not all Schipperkes are black, black is currently the only recognized color included in the breed's AKC standard. Our little black […] | August 17, 2017
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny 10 Adorable German Shepherds Who Are Living Their Best Lives
  Dog owner will be the first to tell you that our pups probably live better lives than we do. Take these 10 German Shepherds, for example. They're living the best doggo lives they could possibly be. From sleeping, playing, and looking fabulous, these GSDs are doing it all. Look at this guy! He's posed […] | July 19, 2017
Young English Springer Spaniel
Expert Advice: Grooming How Long Until My Dog Grows Back Her Thick Winter Coat?
ASK AKC  Dear AKC: We just had our 11-month-old English Springer Spaniel trimmed. My husband and I are of a different opinion because our girl actively walks two miles a day in a reserve, walking into mud puddles and the river bed, but usually comes home clean (thanks to the Orvis 'sling' in our Explorer) and […] | May 16, 2017
Boston Terrier Dandruff
Expert Advice: Grooming My Dog Has Dry Skin and Dandruff
ASK AKC  Dear AKC: My 18-month-old Boston Terrier has very dry skin lately. He scratches at himself and leaves dandruff all over the place. His coat is dull and lost its shine. Is there something I can put on his coat or feed him? -- Dand"Ruff" Dilemma Dear Ruff: Anytime skin symptoms arise, you need to look at […] | April 27, 2017
Expert Advice: Common Conditions What Every Owner Should Know About Parvo in Dogs
Parvo is every new puppy and dog owner’s worst nightmare. In a matter of days, a perfectly healthy puppy can go from playful and active to fatally ill. Parvo in dogs is a preventable disease, however, all new puppy owners and breeders need to be aware of the risks of parvo, how to prevent it, […] | March 29, 2017
Expert Advice: Common Conditions Is Ringworm Contagious?
Somehow the idea of contracting a parasite seems far worse than catching a virus or bacteria. If worms freak you out, there is good news—ringworm is not a worm, it is a fungus. The bad news is that ringworm is highly contagious and can spread from dogs to humans.   What Does Ringworm Look Like? […] | March 28, 2017
Expert Advice: Did You Know? The Japanese Chin Is an Aristocratic and Playful Little Companion
The noble Japanese Chin (Chin) is a lively little dog with an aristocratic air. He is small, yet solidly built, with an inquisitive and intelligent expression. Here are eight interesting facts about this sensitive and playful member of the Toy Group. 1. The history of the Chin can be found within the royal courts of […] | February 21, 2017
Expert Advice: Did You Know? 9 Reasons Why Leonbergers Are Totally Unforgettable
In the mid-1800s, an exotic-animal dealer combined Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, Great Pyrenees and other breeds to create the Leonberger. Some say the idea was to make a dog that looked like the lion on the seal of the town of Leonberg, today in Southern Germany. While developed as all-around working dogs—equipped for everything from water […] | February 1, 2017
Expert Advice: Did You Know? So What Else Is a Newfoundland Besides Big?
There's one thing everyone knows about a Newfoundland: he's big, really big. A full-grown male stands as high as 28 inches tall and weighs in at 130-150 pounds. But there is so much more to this breed than size, as any Newf lover can tell you. 1. Newfoundlands are renowned for their sweetness, gentleness, and […] | January 24, 2017

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