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Sheddding season has begun, and our friends at Vetstreet were wondering: How do owners handle that falling fur? Do they strike first by shaving their pets’ coats? Or do they let nature take its course and just invest in an efficient vacuum? And, speaking of shedding, which dog breeds do experts think shed the most (and least)?

They polled 2,160 readers and 249 veterinary professionals to get their takes on these questions and were surprised by the differences among the readers’ answers and those given by the experts.

The majority of readers (62 percent) and veterinary professionals (58 percent) agreed that it depended on the coat. For example, a dog with a very long, thick coat might warrant a close crop, whereas a shorthaired kitty would probably be fine all summer without a trim.

But what’s really interesting is that readers were more than twice as likely to think that it wasn’t OK to shave a pet. Twenty-two percent of readers said this was never a good practice, while just 10 percent of veterinary professionals felt that way. And, even more interesting, only 8 percent of readers said it was fine for either a dog or a cat, but a whopping 27 percent of veterinary professionals felt that way.

Outside of that, 6 percent of readers said it was fine for dogs only and no one said it was fine for cats only, while veterinary professionals were split at 1 percent for dogs only or cats only. Two percent of readers and 3 percent of veterinary professionals had no opinion.

Read more about this and find out the breeds that shed the most and the least by clicking here.
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