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AKD 5.9


9.5 linear ft (in 14 doc boxes and 4 flat boxes).

Collection processed by Norma Rosado-Blake, , 2007; Additions, edits, and conversion of legacy finding aid by Brynn White, 2016

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The Chihuahua Club of America (CCA) records collects some of the work of the CCA in its efforts to help and promote the Chihuahua breed inside and outside the fancy. The collection’s newsletters, meeting minutes, and clippings give insight to many regional Chihuahua dog shows, the operations of the Club and the breed’s popularity from the 1950’s to the early 2000’s.


The collection is arranged into six series:

  1. Meeting minutes
  2. Correspondence
  3. Club Administration
  4. Dog Shows
  5. Publications
  6. Scrapbooks and Ephemera

Historical Information

The Club

The Chihuahua Club of America, founded in 1923, was created to develop a community of Chihuahua breeders and further the breed in the United States. The founders included: Mrs. Henrietta Proctor Donnell, Ida H. Garrett, Alice Dobbs, Rose Clark, M. R. Muller and Clara L. Dobbs. One of their most notable members included Helen Nowicki a Chihuahua breeder among other breeds and the editor of Dog World magazine.

Mrs. Dobbs was instrumental in establishing the annual specialty show, which was first conducted on 19 May 1928 at the Queensboro Kennel Club show with 42 dogs entries — 14 males and 28 females. Within a few years, the club decided to hold their annual meeting and specialty show in Chicago indefinitely. This move created a more centralized meeting location for members and ultimately the breed’s registration with the AKC grew from then on.

Since its inception, the club has been heavily involved in protecting the breed’s health through sponsored medical research, breeder surveys, and papers on topics such as the molera in the Chihuahua.

The Breed

The Chihuahua’s history dates back to the 9th century during the Toltec civilization in what is now known as Mexico. The Toltecs had what is known as the precursor to the Chihuahua, the Techichi, a small, long-haired dog. And this dog was believed to have been bred with the Xoloitzcuintli, the Mexician hairless dog to produce the Chihuahua as we know it today.

As history and power would have it, the Toltecs civilization gave way to the Aztecs (not by choice) during the 11th century. Chihuahuas were a central part of the Aztec life. Generally, each person owned a Chihuahua and upon an individual’s death, the dog was sacrificed and interned with the deceased. It was thought that the dog could protect and guide people through the afterlife.

Centuries later, the dog turned up on the Sistine chapel in Botticelli’s Italian fresco, Scenes from the Life of Moses. And centuries after that, the Chihuahua made its debut on American shores.

In 1888 James Watson, an author and judge, purchased a bitch named Manzanita. Owen Wister, author of The Virginia, also imported a Chihuahua named Caranza, which became the dog that produced the famous bloodlines, Meron and Perrito. Surprisingly, most of the imports at this time were long coats, not the popular smooth coat. And some believe the long coats were bred out of Pomeranians or Papillons. This is not true and in fact, the long-haired is a true variety of the breed.

Approximately, twenty years later the AKC recognized the breed in 1904 with the first registered Chihuahua Midget (2291) owned by H. Raynor of Texas. Within a couple of years, the breed had its first champion, Beppie (85317) owned by Mrs. L. A. McLean of New Jersey.

Some of the earliest breeders included Mrs. Harry S. Peaster of Philadelphia who owned the La Rex Doll Kennels. The kennel produced a record number of champions and provided the foundation stock for other well-established dogs. La Oro Kennel which, produced national champions like Ch. Ai Si Ora Principe, Ch. La Rey, La Oro Marinero and others, was owned by legendary breeder Anna B. Vinyard who served as president of CCA during the 1950s. Probably two of the most well noted Chihuahuas are Ch. Tejano Texas Kid who took a record 15 best in shows and Ch. Holiday Gold Jubilee who took 16 best in show and 81 Toy Group firsts. Ch. Holiday Gold Jubliee, aka Doc Holiday, is also notable on account of his record as the first Chihuahua to be ranked as number one in the Toy group in the United States.

It took over 50 years before the long and smooth coats were exhibited at dog shows. In 1952 they were separated into two varieties with the smooth coat the preferred variety as pets. One year prior to this, Ch. Attas’ Gretchen a smooth coat Chihuahua won the first all-breed Best in Show, a milestone for the breed.

The Chihuahua standard calls for a dog of no more than six pounds, which makes this breed the smallest in the canine world, however, what the breed lacks in statue he makes up for in character. He is a lively, alert and most surprising a hardy dog. Similar to other small breeds, the Chihuahua has a molera or an incomplete joining of the bones in the head. The bones eventually fuse together by the time they reach their third birthday. However, unlike other breeds, the Chihuahua is known to prefer their own breed.

Scope and Content

The collection includes meeting minutes dating back to the 1970s (many are also reproduced in the ACA newsletters). Most correspondence and other club administration materials date from the 1980s-2000s, with historical documentation of the breed standard, as well as notable pedigrees and champions. The dog show series contains an inclusive run of Specialty catalogs from 1983-2000, many marked, with select independent shows of various member clubs as well as pedigree lists, judge’s programs, premium lists, and event and win shots (1979-2004). A small collection of photographs and ribbons feature prominent breeder and handler Marta Hooks, including Ch. Snow B Bear d’Casa de Cris, the first-ever long-haired Chihuahua to win Best in Show.

The publications series contains an extensive selection of newsletters and periodicals produced by the ACA, regional clubs, and other Chihuahua fanciers. Further Chihuahua-themed books, directories, pamphlets, and clippings are also present. The latter document the breed’s popularity in the mid-1990s, peaking with the famous Taco Bell advertisement campaign. Scrapbooks and ephemera also appear in the collection, including various medallions, some for the club’s golden anniversary. A c. 1983 scrapbook of photos and clippings has been disassembled, with loose items interwoven. Another 2004 scrapbook, assembled from cut-out photos of club members and events, celebrates 100 years of the breed’s recognition by the AKC.


A Gift from Darwin Delaney of the Chihuahua Club of America. New additions were made in 2016 from relevant materials located in the AKC Archives.

Access Restrictions

This material is open to research without restrictions.

Publishing and Use Restrictions

Many of the materials in this collection may still be under copyright. Please consult the Archivist.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item, date (if known)]; Chihuahua Club of America records, AKD 5.9, [Box and Folder number]; American Kennel Club Archives.

Collection Inventory

I. Meeting Minutes 1974-2004

Box Folder
Meeting Minutes 1974 Oct 1 1
Meeting Minutes 1979 Mar 1 2
Meeting Minutes 1980 Apr 1 3
Meeting Minutes 1990 Oct 1 4
Meeting Minutes 1991 Apr 1 5
Meeting Minutes 1993 May 1 6
Meeting Minutes 1993 Oct 1 7
Meeting Minutes 1995 May 1 8
Meeting Minutes 1995 Oct 1 9
Meeting Minutes 1997 Mar 1 10
Meeting Minutes 1998 Mar 1 11
Meeting Minutes 1998 Oct 1 12
Meeting Minutes 1999 Mar 1 13
Meeting Minutes 1999 Oct 1 14
Meeting Minutes 2000 May 1 15
Meeting Minutes 2002 Oct 1 16
Election Committee Report 1995 1 17
Standing Rules 2002 Oct 1 18
Standing Rules 2002 Oct 1 19
Standing Rules 2003 May 1 20
Standing Rules 2003 May 1 21
Standing Rules 1995, 2002, 2004 1 22-24

II. Correspondence 1995-2001

Box Folder
Elections 1995 1 25-26
Finances 1995 1 27
Handbook 1996 1 28
Historian 1998 2 1
Miscellaneous 1995-2001 2 2-4
Photographers 1998 2 5

III. Club Administration

Box Folder
Breed Standard 1954-2002 2 6
Breed Standard. Photos and Negatives 1973; Undated PH.2
Box Folder
Constitution and By-Laws c. 1990 2 14
Finances 1985-2000 2 7-11
Finances. Deposit Account Book. First National Bank of Jackson 1973-1992 4 10
Pedigrees circa 1980 2 12
AKC Champion Certificates 1961-1980 2 13
Membership Applications. Restricted 1995-2004 3 1-11
Membership Applications. Restricted 2005-2006 4 1-4
Membership Lists 1974-1983 4 5
Membership Lists 1994-2004 4 6
Petitions: Coat Color 2006 4 7
Petitions: Eye Color 2006 4 8
Petitions: Coat Color 2007 4 9
Audiotapes. Nashville Hearing [3 items] Undated 15 2
Videocassette. CCA Seminar. E. Ruth Terry and James A. Lehman. Chicago, IL 1987 October 2 15
Articles of Incorporation. Chihuahua Club of Alabama 1953 OS

IV. Dog Shows

Box Folder
National Specialty. Catalogs. Marked 1983-1992 10 1-10
National Specialty. Pedigree Lists 1986; 1988 10 11
National Specialty and Obedience. Catalogs, Pedigree Lists, and Judges Programs 1993-2006 11 1-14
National Specialty. Show Results 2001 11 15
Independent Specialty. Chihuahua Club of Michigan. Catalog and Pedigree Lists 1984; 1995 12 1
Independent Specialty. Chihuahua Club of Mid-Jersey. Catalog and Pedigree List 1983; 1984; 2000 12 1
Independent Specialty. Nashville Chihuahua Club. Pedigree List 2000 12 1
Independent Specialty. Chihuahua Club of Northern California. Catalog 1983; 1994; 1991 12 2
Independent Specialty. Chihuahua Club of Greater Phoenix. Catalog and Pedigree List 1984; 1997 12 2
Independent Specialty. Southern California Chihuahua Club. Catalog 1984; 1986 12 3
Independent Specialty. Texas Chihuahua Club. Premium List 1988 12 3
Independent Specialty. Dallas Chihuahua Club. Catalog 1983-1984 12 17
Independent Specialty. Chihuahua Club of Maryland. Catalog and Premium List 1984; 1988; 1987; 1999 12 18-19
Foreign. Chihuahueños De Mexico. Catalog 1980; 1981 12 4
Ribbons. Ch Snow Bunny d’Casa de Cris [2 items] 1975-1976 OS
Photos. Portrait. Ch Snow Bunny d’Casa de Cris c. 1975 OS
Photos. Win Shots. Marta Hooks [6 items] 1975-1976 OS
Photos. Win Shots 1979-1986; Undated PH.1
Photos. Win Shots 1993-1997 PH.1
Photos. Win Shots 2000-2001; 2004 PH.2
Photos. Win Shots 2003 PH.1
Photos and Slides. CCA Banquet and Events 2000 PH.2

V. Publications

CCA Handbook 1988 15
CCA Newsletter. Chi-Chatter 1956-1969 [non-inclusive] Box
CCA Newsletter. Chi-Chatter 1971 -1989 7 5-17
CCA Newsletter. Chi-Chatter 1991-2004 8 1-15
Newsletter. Chihuahua Chumpion 1967 Aug – 1970 5 1-5
Newsletter. Chi Watabout’Em 1972-1973 [non-inclusive] 5 6-7
Newsletter. Chi Review 1992 July – 1993 April 5 8-9
Newsletter. The New Chihuahua 1993-1994 6 1-2
Newsletter. Chihuahua Club of Nashville. Chihuahua News 1967; 1981-1983 6 3-5
Newsletter. Chihuahua 1990 Box
Newsletter. Los Chihuahuas [16 items] 1980-1983 [non-inclusive] 9
Box Folder
Newsletter. Chi-Howler News 1956 Feb 9 1
Newsletter. Canine Chronicle 1984 May; 1987 March 9 2
Magazine. Top-Notch Toys 1983; 1990; 1993; 1995 9 3
Newsletter. Chin Chit Chat 1982 Spring 9 4
Pamphlet. Caring for Toy Dogs. Jeffrey P. Bennett 1997 12 5
Pamphlet. Chihuahuas: the first Chihuahua Book. Alameda Kennels [2] 1980 12 6
Pamphlet. The Chihuahua. Southern California Chihuahua Club c. 1975 12 7
Pamphlet. Chihuahuas As Pets. Madeline Miller 1955 12 8
Pamphlet. The Little Chi and a Little More. Rosita Rio [2] c. 1970 12 9
Directory. Chihuahua Owner’s Directory c. 1972 12 10
Directory. International. Chihuahua Owners, Clubs, Judges, Professional Breeders 1973 13 3
Magazine. AKC Gazette 2000 May 12 12
Magazine. Chihuahuas 1999 12 13
Magazines. Dog Fancy, The World of Toy Dogs, Perros 1984; c. 1994; 1999 12 14
Magazines. Chips, Toy International 1967; 1972 12 15
Magazines. Dog World 1942 December; 1973 October 12 16
Articles and Publications. Miscellaneous 1950-1995 13 1-2
Clippings. Miscellaneous 1950-2000 13 4-9
Magazine Covers 1970-1997 13 10
Book. The Chihuahua. Russell E. Kauffman 1959 15
Book. Chihuahuas. Beverly Pisano 1980 15
Book. The Complete Chihuahua. Rosina Caselli et. al 1973 15
Book. Guide to Owning a Chihuahua. Roberta Sisco 1996 15
Book. How to Raise and Train a Chihuahua. Estelle Ferguson and Sara M. Barbaresi 1958 15
Book. Know Your Chihuahua. Earl Schneider c. 1970 15
Book. The McLean Guide to Kennels of America 1975 15
Book. Pet Chihuahua. Tressa E. Thurmer 1962 15
Book. This is the Chihuahua. Maxwell Riddle 1959 15

VI. Scrapbooks and Ephemera

Scrapbook. Clippings and Photographs c. 1983 14
Scrapbook. 100 Years of AKC Recognition 2004 OS
Calendar. Chihuahua Club of British Columbia 1988 14
Medallion. CCA 75th Anniversary 1998 14
Medallions, Ribbons, and Pins [9 items] 1973; Undated 14.1
Paperweight. CCA Undated 14.1
Plaque. CCA Recognizes Ch. Emerald Quality Street. Best in Show All Breed c. 2003 14