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How to Form a Club

Club Glossary


Member in good standing An individual who is not suspended by The American Kennel Club or their Club and whose dues for the year are already paid.
Types of Membership
(must be defined in Article I, Section 1)
  1. Regular (Individual): Enjoys all club privileges including the right to vote and hold office.
  2. Household: Two (2) adult members residing in the same household, each eligible to vote and hold office.
  3. Foreign (usually for parent clubs): For those individuals who are not U.S. residents (or its territories and possessions). Shall be entitled to all club privileges except voting and office holding.
  4. Associate or Newsletter: Entitled to all club privileges except voting and office holding (offered to individuals who live outside of the club’s area; also offered to individuals who live in the club’s area but are not active).
  5. Junior: Open to children under 18 years of age; a non-voting/nonoffice holding membership which may automatically convert to regular membership at age 18.
  6. Honorary: An individual who has made significant contributions to the Sport, Breed or the Club; honorary members pay no dues and are not eligible to vote, but can maintain regular (or household) membership if they pay dues.
  7. Life: Those individuals who have been members for a long period of time (usually 20+ years); Life members pay no dues but are eligible to vote and hold office.
  8. Outreach Membership: For those individuals new to the Sport of Dogs, at least 18 years of age, who are interested in further advancing their knowledge of dogs, The American Kennel Club and the Sport of Dogs. This is a non-voting, non-office holding membership which entitles the member to participate in all other club activities.
Uppermost limits for dues In order to avoid frequent bylaw amendment, an uppermost limit (i.e. — Dues shall not exceed $____) should be included for each type of membership, in addition to when and by whom the dues are set each year.
Reprimand A written warning to a member after charges have been filed in accordance with the bylaws, and it is determined that the member’s conduct was not severe enough to warrant a suspension or a recommendation for expulsion.
Notices All club notices must be sent either via the US Postal Service or email in accordance with current AKC® policy.
Delegate Duties For AKC member clubs only, the general duties of the Delegate must be listed.
Votes on Bylaw Amendments After amendments are voted upon, the club must provide AKC with the number of members in good standing as well as the date of the vote, and the number who voted for and against. A copy of the revised document must be submitted to AKC as soon as it is printed.