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About Clubs

There are nearly 5000 dog clubs in the United States that hold affiliated events under the umbrella of the AKC for competition by AKC registered dogs. Some are national parent clubs, others local specialty clubs, and still others are devoted to a broad variety of events from agility to obedience and tracking, from field trials to lure coursing and herding tests and trials. Many clubs meet monthly, others bi-monthly, and yet others more infrequently. All were formed by a diverse group of dog lovers who share the common interest of raising, training, breeding and competing with purebred dogs.

These clubs not only further the sport of purebred dogs, but also many strive to promote and protect dogs in their communities, share in educational programs, sponsor training classes and health clinics, and operate a rescue network, as well as responsible breeder locator service. Some clubs are AKC members, others are licensed/sanctioned to hold events. There are over 500 member clubs that meet AKC’s membership requirements, hold AKC member events at which AKC titles may be earned, and have duly elected or appointed Delegates who represent the club at quarterly meetings of the delegate body; licensed clubs meet certain requirements to be able offer events which are in all respects identical to AKC member events, but licensed clubs do not have delegate representation; and sanctioned clubs are those in the process of fulfilling requirements to become licensed clubs and sponsor match events, where dogs gain experience but not titles.

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